Circle Accountant Nominations

Hey folks! Following very positive feedback from Circles Accounting and subDAOification I think we are ready to open up nominations for our first batch of Circle Accountants (CA).

A quick recap on what this entails by becoming a CA:

  • Minimum 6 month commitment to the role within Giveth.
  • Using hours and salary data collected to set a soft-budget for a given Circle to operate within.
  • Monthly tracking and reporting of WG expenditures (recurring service subscriptions and non-salary costs) and profits (e.g. technical services partnership).
  • Monthly tracking of salary costs categorized by WG.
  • ~5 hours monthly time commitment.

The Giveth Circles are:

  • Platform
  • Community
  • Governance

How should I nominate someone/myself?

To nominate someone we’ll need some basic info and some short explanations of why you would be a good fit for the role. Here’s some suggestions for info to provide:

  • Name
  • Discord Handle
  • Circle you are applying for
  • Motivations
  • Relevant Qualifications

How long do we have to nominate/self-nominate

I think we should leave nominations open until March 15th (beware the Ides…), leaving enough time for ETH Denver and FLII to happen and settle. I think we could allow this to extend if there are any hot debates that arise. We can then make the final selection here in the forum via single choice polls or some good ol’ ranked choice Snapshot Votes, I’m open to either ideas. Ideally we could have CAs picked with phase 1 up and going for beginning of April.

Here’s a suggested comment template for a CA nomination (not an actual nomination):








I love the idea of more DAO accounting and want to contribute more. I am very much motivated to provide fiscal accountability and transparency for Giveth!

Relevant Qualifications

I have been around Giveth for a while and I have a deep knowledge of how things generally work and where to find and compile information. I also have a long history and I believe the trust of Giveth contributors to provide honest and accountable reports for the DAO. I am also a spreadsheet wizard and enjoy these types of tasks.

Add your nomination down below as a comment in this thread and let’s kick-off the subDAOification process! :point_down: