Funding proposal to reward a contributor for the Connect WG

Hi everyone,

Since the Connect WG is more of an advisory and does not have its own budget (and we also don’t see us having one in the near future), we propose to reward one of our contributors, @okiave , for his contribution to the Connect WG group so far.

Oki has been a founding member of the group and a community member and donor of Giveth. He provided invaluable insights from a donor/community point of view and created couple of videos, both explaining why he gave on the Giveth platform. We had used one of these videos at the International Fundraising Congress online presentation and received positive feedback from fundraisers from traditional nonprofit space. His crypto native approach was an eye-opener for those in conventional nonprofits and effectively providing insights on how to engage crypto donors. Oki has also attended all the strategy sessions and provided his perspective as a community member. We feel that including members like him is important to ensure that our meetings are inclusive with diverse opinions and perspectives.

For his contribution to create videos, I propose a reward with Giv tokens equivalent to 160 xDAI.

We hope that future projects from the Connect WG can be integrated into the new bounty system so that contributors can be rewarded in a more timely fashion.

Address that the fund should be transferred to is:

  • Yes, let’s reward this contributor.
  • No, please see comment below

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I agreee that Oki’s contributions have bee super valuable and I would love if Giveth could reward him for value that he has created within our community! :purple_heart:

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@qqsong can you please share the videos you mentioned in the post? I haven’t seen them yet. Thanks!

I’m in favor of this proposal.

@markop both videos are available on the Connect Miro board:

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It looks like this proposal is ready to be put up to the DAO.
@mitch can you advise us as to which DAO we would propose this to?

Would this come from nrGIV since it is contributor compensation?
Or should we put it up in the Garden?

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make a payment request in the nrGIV

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The payment request has been submitted to the DAO:

Price of GIV at the time of proposing: 0.055871 USD