Bounties Budget Baby

Hey! Just catching up on the thread. It seems to make sense to not create DAO votes for smaller bounties, with threshold of 400 GIV and grouping them in a package of 10. Maybe per working group? Then requiring bounties of greater value to go through a DAO vote.

Overall, I really like this proposal. I’ve been wanting to do a bounty program for a while, just lacking bandwidth and know how. I’m super keen to get really involved because a bounty system can also be a great recruiting tool. I had a sync with Cotabe today and I’ll be joining his call tomorrow with DeWork.

I’m happy to join the multisig too if you need another participant. I’ve never been a part of multisig before, so I’m excited to learn.

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Ok, great feedback. I think there’s good agreement in almost everything. The only part left that the polls have not been able to clarify is what kind of multi-sig and who should be the signers. Let’s break those questions. The multisig is the most important decision to move forward, signers can be defined from the first decision and modified any time…

Let’s vote first on the multisig configuration. Remember the more signers needed the safer, but coordination might be more challenging and this multisig will be used frequently.

  • 2 out of 5
  • 3 out of 7
  • 3 out of 8

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Who should be the signers?

  • Mitch
  • WhyldWanderer
  • Giantkin
  • Hanners717
  • Freshelle
  • Cotabe
  • Markop
  • MoeNick

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I think this is lower …risk. 2/8 etc wouldnt be bad. so that its easier to pass. or 3/8 etc. any choice.

Poll closed. Lets go with 3/8.

We can iterate later on if a modification is justified. I will be collecting the wallets of all the signers :slight_smile: & then create the vote on the NRGIV

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The 3/8 wallet has been created. This is the address gno:0x978505164c7582e8cffbFBA5D76B91f51DdFc31C

Just sent 1 XDAI as it’s the first time I create a Multisig, it’s been received :slight_smile:

We are testing it before the goal.