Changing Contributor Reward System - Discontinuing PAN Payouts

Giveth has been receiving PAN tokens from GitCoin Rounds and distributing it to contributors based on SourceCred tracking since 2020 – it has served us well!

And, with the launch of the GIVeconomy, hiring of many full-time, paid Givethers, and the diminishing returns of PAN… it doesn’t make sense to continue as we enter 2022.

The proposal here is: to discontinue paying out in PAN beginning with the month of January, and move to paying out in an equivalent value of GIV tokens.

Recognizing the value of contributors is a hot topic in many of our associated project teams like Commons Stack and the Token Engineering Commons too, where new systems are being developed and larger teams working on solutions.

We can leverage the learnings in our partner projects to implement a Contributor Reward system that is consistent. Suggesting creation of a cross-organizational working group to develop a tracking and calculation tool that better meets our overall goals, like “Creating a Network of Partners”:

And GIVernance goals to innovate and collaborate:

Your opinions, questions, ideas and offers to join this working group are welcomed, please reply and comment!


Here’s an epic post by @mitch on the TEC forum outlining their Rewards System and the comments/feedback from community!

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I agree with discontinuing PAN for rewarding SourceCred distributions!

Maybe we can just stake our PAN to Giveth to increase our matching bonus through Panvala?


I agree we should shift to rewarded contributors with GIV.

I think staking for Giveth is a good first move.

We could also consider providing DAO-owned liquidity PAN/GIV. Maybe we could expand this to be like a token swap similar to the one for Bright

So down to piggyback on the TEC rewards system to improve our distributions.

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I support staking PAN for Giveth.

How do we want to move forward and make it transparent for new contributors on how they get rewarded?

I started creating this document a while back… things were changing every week at that time and so it was difficult to keep it relevant… but once we have a clear system, I would be willing to finalize this contributor’s guide. Feel free to leave comments…

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