Claiming the GIVdrop for Users that asked for support

Thanks Mitch!! You da best.

@Griff how often should we do these? We have 4 new submissions since the last time we blasted it off.

Hi there @karmaticacid , it unfortunately did not for me and I can find my address in the above.
Not sure why or what to do.

can you DM me on Discord - we’ll see whats going on - divine_comedian#5493

ahh I figured it out w him already. He did recieve the tokens in his new wallet, but was confused because the new address, when connected to the claim page said “you missed the GIVdrop”.

I explained to him that it was normal and expected because the new address wasn’t part of the merkle drop. he has his tokens and all is well!

We have received 4 new validated requests for GIVdrop address changes. The address changes are as follows:

Old Address New Address
0xE95A7326B06a97bf30e348E4840C1B8de4dBEDF8 0xfbcd4a6c3Ce9388C079d3D4B2c0FB0766E90604e
0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000159 0xc4FBA1dcdE208EEaF20E746b0a8E5b36768a4E5A
0x0a1f2e1a4585bbf5E54a894FffA74133654BfaDC 0xdBf4C24BCe4896A2Ea14Ce1e84C5245217E60FA8
0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000116 0x3D38f420f6a64B0aE5cdD4cE77FF94cEA8441003

I’ll leave this up for comment for 48 hours and then we can proceed with creating the vote that will carry out these changes.