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We are a philanthropic NFT start-up called ‘WeAre Pipl World’ donating 30% of the proceeds from our NFT collections to charities we believe in. We are currently signed up with GiveDirectly, Amazon Watch, Splash and Doctors Without Borders. We launched in May this year and already released two collections. We will release the third collection called Pipl Land in August this year (Pipl as a play on ‘people’).

We also teamed up with Ecologi, a social enterprise that plants trees in an effort to offset our carbon footprint. Our goal is to plant a tree for every NFT minted.

We are now in the process of establishing a crypto fund for our Pipl Land holders to support them with their own personal fundraising campaigns. 20% of the proceeds from our NFTs will go towards the fund.

We will encourage our holders to start a fundraiser on a platform such as yours accepting crypto and then contribute to their campaign from our crypto fund. We really like your platform, vision and approach to philanthropy and would like to know if it will be possible to work in collaboration with you adding a direct link to your site on our website? We will then ask our holders to start a fundraiser on your site from where we will support them.

We are in the process of redesigning our website and setting up the fund to coincide with the release of Pipl Land and would like to add your link then, but if we can come to an agreement we would like to start promoting you and the collab on our social media sooner and encourage our holders to begin their fundraisers as soon as they are ready.

Please let me know if it would be possible to work in collaboration with you by supporting you and adding a direct link on our website to yours.

Looking forward,


The Pipl Philanthropic Collective

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Cool! I think this seems like a really straightforward idea. From what I understand however they would like to raise crypto funds on giveth for Land Holders (NFT purchasers?) for their own personal campaign? What would the land holders use their funds for?

If Land Holders can prove their campaigns support public goods or an impact cause such as social or environmental issues they could be approved for verified status, meaning their donors would get GIVbacks. If however, the connection is unclear or they are collecting funds for their own personal benefits they could make a project on the platform but their donors would not receive any GIVbacks.

Maybe there’s something I missed in your proposal but the ideal fit for Giveth are projects working in those areas of public goods or impact.

You might also want to take a look at similar NFT proposals Giveth already has on its plate for inspiration:

Hi Mitch,

We want to encourage our NFT holders (owners) to open their own fundraisers/campaigns/charities on your platform, preferably of a social or environmental nature.They then share it with us. We will introduce a voting system on our discord where our holders then vote for these campaigns and we will donate to the campaigns accordingly. Our aim is to create a whole network of campaigns and to contribute to these in a more creative and fun way getting all our holders involved in philanthropy giving back to their communities or people in need. That is why our project is called WeAre Pipl World, for the people and the world. (Pipl pronounced ‘people’).

In order to encourage our holders we will give 20% from the proceeds of our NFTs back to them by donating to their campaigns hosted on your site. We will also establish other ways to generate more funds in supporting their campaigns and as our project grows increase the percentage we will donate from the proceeds of our NFTs.

So for now we just want to know if we can promote you on our social media and refer/direct our holders to your site by adding a direct link to your website on ours.

Looking forward to your response,

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