Giveth Referral Program Initial Proposal

GM! I’d like to propose that we dedicate some of our collective time and resources to creating a referral program to allow grassroots affiliates and community ambassadors to grow Giveth through referrals.

Proposal description:

I propose we create a referral program that behaves in the following way:

  1. Users that want to be affiliate partners will be able to generate a unique link from Giveth that they can share with their network. For example,
  2. Users will then share that link with their network (with suggested messages and graphics from us).
  3. Any new user that donates through their link (which will be tracked from the browser cookie window, ex. 30 days after they click the link), will be marked as a “referral donation” for the user that referred them (and will show up in their dashboard).
  4. A reward will be distributed to the user that did the referral (based on criteria we set).
  5. We may setup tiers of ambassadors with extra rewards (if they refer a certain number of new user donations they get access to gLove, POAP’s etc).

Proposal Rationale

Designing a program in this way, will allow us to create grassroots referral incentives with an endless amount of ambassadors (big and small). This will allow us to work with “influencers”, grassroots communities and anyone that wants to shill Giveth, in a decentralized manner (without having to get approval each time we want to run a partner promotion or keep requesting marketing funds).

Feedback Needed

Before I create an official funding proposal, I wanted to get feedback from the community, mainly on:

  1. Is this something the community wants to try out?

  2. Where will the rewards come from and how much should we request? Mitch suggested we pull an amount from nrGIV as a marketing budget. I suggest we start with a pool of $20K worth of GIV to test out the program.

  3. What is the solution architecture of this program (what is the exact workflow). From a technical point of view, to track referrals we just need: 1) To have a unique URL that contains the Eth address of the user that did the referral (passed via the data layer) 2) Track cookies on the donation thank you confirmation page (and pass the Eth address of the person that was referred). It seems easy to me in theory (since it’s all done on the frontend browser probably just using Segment), but will this run into any technical problems with our platform?

  4. Scoping out the project (we may need a landing page, a dashboard section to track referrals etc.). Should we start looking for third party services we can integrate with, or do we need to build it from scratch?

  5. What are the risks involved? What are ways people might take advantage of the program or promote it in a way that doesn’t align with our values? I suggest we make the referral amount be between 10%-25% in the beginning (ex. If it’s 10% and they refer $100 donated they receive $10 back, if the wallet has donated for the first time). To avoid people taking advantage of this, I think the referral amount be lower than the liquid GIV from the GIVbacks program (so there is no reason for people to donate through multiple wallets, when they can just make more from GIVbacks in liquid GIV).

  6. What will our promotion strategy be for this program? What should we call this program (maybe we can come up with a cool name for the ambassadors)? Which influencers, organizations will we reach out to etc.

  7. A final thought I had on this, is that if we manage to crack how it works, we may be able to package this referral program as a product for other DAO’s. For example if you look at the Panvala Stamps program, they’re doing it in a very manual way (through just Google forms), and they might benefit from a more automated system.

Next steps
I’d like to open up discussions on this and a vote to see what the community thinks of this initial idea. Some people I’d love to hear from are: @karmaticacid @Griff @MoeNick @amin @renjer @Cotabe @Cori @mitch @WhyldWanderer @qqsong (I wanted to mention more people but was only able to tag 10)

What do you think of creating a Referral program in this way?

  • :+1: I like it, let’s proceed to the planning phase
  • :thinking: I like it in theory, but have some comments
  • :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I have some objections and will comment below
  • :no_entry: Worst idea ever, not even worth my time to comment

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I think it’s a great idea to get more engagement from influences and a broader audience.


  1. I don’t think you will get the devpower to pull it off in the near term, I don’t want to speak for @MoeNick but GIVpower is the big focus right now and this proposal looks like it will take a good amount of front-end, back-end and design work to implement.

  2. In any case, I would keep the rewards low. We should consider from what angles this referral system could be gamified or abused with our limited fraud detection resources.

  3. If my contributor vesting proposal spec goes through we should have a good amount of nrGIV we could allocate to this program, if/when it is built. However as I mentioned, we should keep the rewards relatively low, at least to start.


OMG So excited to see this finally get posted! I remember you mentioning this idea a while ago, I fully support it!

As far as source of funds, I think taking it from nrGIV or the Gardens for the POC is fine… but it seems like it would fit in with GIVbacks. If a new user is referred, their referral gets a % of the GIVback from the donation… I would want to add it in on top of the GIVback but it seems like it might be gamed if we did that, I think its better as a zero sum game… otherwise, to maximize your GIVbacks, you just always refer your other address.

  1. Love the idea!! Can’t wait to deploy it.

  2. nrGIV or gardens sound good. $20K sounds a bit ambitious for a pilot. Then again if we need serious development, then it makes sense to invest on it.

  3. Sounds reasonable. I can´t offer much insight here.

  4. I think it’s good to make some market research for third-party services, especially if our dev resources are limited like @mitch mentioned. We could use DeWork to have this project as a bounty too.

  5. I love @Griff 's proposal to avoid the risk of our referral system getting gamed. Should come from the GIVbacks of donors. Then, it could also make sense to have a lower % but maybe not only from the first donation but from the first 10 or maybe all donations. That would encourage ambassadors to get serial donors, rather than one-time donors.

It could also be worth it that completing your profile is a requirement to get a referral link.

  1. For good ambassadors, impact catalysts, impact accelerators.

  2. Love the idea.

Other ideas:

  1. We should have a similar program to onboard organizations.

  2. We don’t need to look for influencers ourselves. Would be great to offer this as a tool to the project owners themselves so that they get their own influencers. Then this could really grow exponentially.

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