Givethers - Roles and Skills

Freshelle is creating an amazing overview of the Giveth Galaxy, with basically an organizational chart of who we are and what we do! This is a very rough draft with lots of improvements she can make based on our feedback:

We have our newly approved 3 Circles…
We have the vision, and the missions, and working groups too!

Inviting us each and all to reconsider our “Role Descriptions” if we have one…
What skills and superpowers are we bringing to Giveth?
What circle do we primarily align within?
Are we Circle Stewards?

Sooo… whooo are youuu, and what DO you do?


Related Circle and Working Group Steward Nominations

Giveth Platform:

  • Product (Design, Engineering, Project Management, Support)
  • Communication
  • GIVernence
  • Community

So the purpose of this chart is to explain Giveth to newcomers in the space and help w onboarding? And you’re asking us to put suggested role description titles?

I think the chart should be re-organized… people aren’t really in the right places… like Magenta, Ben, Bryan, Kris, Tommy, Cameron… they’re not regularly contributing to Giveth… if we want to include past contributors who had an impact… or occasional contributors… maybe we can add other sections… then we should also include James, Merlin and even others… :thinking: or we could simplify it and create some kind of date bracket… include people active within certain dates… or who were active for some period of time… and have those parameters written on the chart.

If we’re going to be talking about people who are actively involved… I should be in communications. Hannah should be in governance. Ashley should be in community… Mitch should be in communications as well… Ashley, Mitch and I should be in platform… WIlly should be part of governance ?

Platform should have multiple groupings too… Development, Design, Testing… or we could do TRACE, GIVeconomy…

I think perhaps the best way forward is to create a better structure and then ask the individuals to place themselves in one or multiple groups.

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Love the multiple groups. Did we ever get this sorted? I would love to see it!

@freshelle Can share our Sobol org overview.


I sent everyone Sobol invites and sent a DM in discord/telegram about it. Kindly check your email spam/promotions folder for the invite.

To add your roles in Sobol, kindly refer to this short video. I didn’t create roles for Giveth specifically because it is yet to finalized and I believe it’s best that the Givethers themselves identify and create their roles.

You can see the organizational Sobol circles and Sobol nodes in the embedded links.

Here’s an overview of what’s in Sobol at the moment.

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Just to have a record that I presented this in Gov meeting

My whole idea at a glance, for platform circle.

Instead of this:

Being like this: