Missing nrGIV for some old contributors

Hey Giveth family!

I noticed some inconsistency on my nrGIV tokens amount, I missed 5 tokens I believe from early distributions. Then I also recognized @amin who’s also an old contributor is missing even more, about 7 tokens. I could tell this issue for the two of us because it was too obvious looking at the table as we’ve been present for all rounds.

Here’s the spreadsheet showing the amounts and the rounds

I’m making this post to request and allow the minting of the missing nrGIV tokens and also to discuss what’s the best way to avoid this happening again, or if we should even allow it. I think communication is easier and faster these days than before as we are more organized and established, so the chances of this happening again are very low.

Let me know what you think!

Should we allow Amin & Mateo mint their missing nrGIV tokens?
  • Yes
  • No

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PS: If you believe you also missed a distribution let us know

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@mitch I supposed after this everybody will have the same number of nrGIV, am I right?

Likely if you were missing nrGIV it’s because you forgot to ask for them before the minting deadline for the quarterly distributions, in normal cases this would mean you simply miss out…

The principle behind this is that if you can’t engage to make a request in the 1 month we give people to make minting requests then perhaps you’re not the ideal candidate to have more voting power. Minting more nrGIV increases our quorum needed to pass votes.

However you would have this singular opportunity this distribution to make a request…

As part of my initiative to moving our vesting forward and to keep eligibility requirements inline with the spec I proposed I would like to include an exceptional opportunity for contributors who were eligible for nrGIV but missed the deadline this one time chance to mint nrGIV and bring themselves back up to date. If you think this applies to you reach out to me via DM to sort out all the details.

Mosaeed had already attempted to do just that but it appears the vote failed from lack of quorum, I think many people are skeptical of the retroactive minting process.


Completely agree with you, I didn’t see your comment on this before. I’ll do the request