PASSED: Additional GIVdrop Recipients - 3% of our total supply


This will be a proposal soon… but first curious to hear your thoughts… if you don’t want to post here you can also DM.

Here is the overview of this Distribution. If you believe any bucket is too high or too low, let’s discuss it!

These are the groups we are rewarding:

1hive Swarms
1hive Voters
BrightID Core Team
CCG Attendees
Circles Team Team Donors
CS Team
CS Trusted Seed
Ethereum Foundation Multisig
General Magic
Gitcoin Donors from Rounds 1, 2, 3 (missing in our other distributions)
Gitcoin Funders League
Gitcoin Team
GivingBlock Core Team
Main Contributors to TEC
MetaCartel DAO
Omni Bridge
Panvala Donors in GR9
Panvala Core Team
RxC Team
TEC Hatchers
Trustlines Team
VitaDAO Working Group Members
WeTrust Donors


In the Spreadsheet there are more details, including amounts, but in general here is a high level summary:

  • About 70% is going to lists of people that are identified to be crypto donors
  • The other 30% are Blockchain4good teams/groups and strategic partners
  • This distributes tokens to over 2500 Unique Addresses from 56 different groupings



Are these buckets compounding? i.e. if someone is part of both MetaCartel and voted 3x w 1hive… are the amounts for distro added together?

Also… if someone is already getting GIV from the rest of our buckets (Giveth donors, contributors, etc.)… and they are in these DAOs… do these amounts get added to their (so far) totals as well? Or are these allocations going only to address that are not otherwise taken care of in our other buckets?


Yes they are compounding in every way.

If they are in multiple of these buckets, the amounts are added together and it would be added to the other distributions they already earned

Metagame was missing so I added them and revised some numbers

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I have no idea who a considerable amount of these groups are. I’m echoing what I’ve said before in that a lot of these groups I have never seen interact with Giveth and so it’s very hard for me to form a positive opinion on this!

3% is a huge amount of tokens considering we have a limited supply.

Adding this, what is the total % of token supply that is being distributed in the GIVdrop?

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This isn’t set in stone but we are currently looking at distributing 19% to individuals

Screen Shot 2021-09-19 at 2.55.34 PM

This breaks down to:
~7.5% going to Giveth Builders (past and present)
4% to Giveth Donors
3% to Giveth Users
~4.5% to general Crypto donors and altruistic teams (Strategic Partners is that .5% extra)

The general crypto donors and altruistic teams section is important for our network effects.

Remember each one of them will get a 5 year stream and become long term stakeholders in Giveth’s future. That is what we are going for. Network effect, cementing ourselves as THE go to platform for donating to charity. This group is ~5000 Crypto Donors and Blockchain4good team members that will all have skin in the game banking on our success! Every no coiner that knows 1 of those 5000 people generally consider’s them their local crypto charity expert. This is why it’s important to spread the tokens to these influencers not as a reward, more as and investment in marketing for now and the next 5 years .

Network effect is everything for economies.


Ok, checked out the distro again. Seems pretty fair to me, without me knowing all of the details and nuances. I think 3% is a good total quantity and am fully in support of the idea of giving GIV to people that we want to bring more into our community over the long term.

Seems pretty critical that we extend our reach and get as like-minded people as possible curious about GIV, especially with all of our future projects that are going to need support. GUVES * cough *


Hi all,
The distribution seems logical to me. I have a question:
What is the last row for with 0 GIV token allocation?

490 VitaDAO Auction Participant 0 0 0.00% Defi4good ICO buyers They invested in a DAO that wants to own IP around improving human health

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Aftet getting some clarity around how our Airdrop compares to other airdrops in the Governance meeting this week I feel comfortable with the numbers distribution!


I echo this, the gov call helped clear that up and I feel good about it as well!


Since there were so many (450 people), we (lauren willy and I) decided to leave them out… if we gave them the min that we would want to give anyone (250 GIV) then it would be over 100k GIV which is just more then this group of investors should get.

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Is the GIVdrop to these Donors and Blockchain4good Builders ready to be finalized?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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8 votes all saying yes… i would say the people have spoken! Closing the poll and calling this done!


Changed the title to “PASSED” based on soft-consensus!

wait so now has this list changed? I’m confused now because of your comment in this other post

nooo this list has not changed. these are the DAO partners… blockchain4good community people. We allocated 3,000,000 GIV to this pool (broken down in the spreadsheet) and the vote was the soft consensus “yes” to this distro.

The strategic partners was some additional percentage… that’s not done yet/agreed to. Discussion in the other post.

I think what we need is a final GIVdistro breakdown proposal. Going to work w Griff on putting together some number summaries soon.

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