What to do with funds from Optimism?

We will be receiving $24,450 from Optimism. This is a retroactive grant for the work that Giveth has done. For more info about this, you can check this link.

What should we do with it?

Your suggestions and feedback is highly appreciated!


To give a little more background, the purpose of the Grant was to fun retroactively projects that have already added value to Ethereum. Since 2016, Giveth has done A LOT, and all funded solely by donations.

We made this huge tweet thread about it. You can see the full version here (because for seemingly no good reason some of the tweets were censored by twitter).

I think it’s important to consider that these funds are for Giveth and the work we already did in the past. I think we should consider using them to cover any outstanding past reimbursements (if necessary) or put them into something that continues to allow Giveth to add value to Ethereum.

h/t @gene @Griff @WhyldWanderer for helping us gain support & put :eyes: on us!


I assume we will get ETH on mainnet… I would just send it to the Liquidity Multisig make a liquidity pool with it… My big question is… what is the best liquidity pool to make… but maybe that’s a different thread.


Can we use those funds to pay for the retroactive reimbursement request from this thread?


Love that idea Mitch, thank you.

I’d LP the funds to GIV pools.

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Possibly , if we can take a portion and donate to some projects/causes at Giveth.

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So the three options from Rainbow Rolls are on the table.

I’m leaning towards the retroactive for clean books as a priority plus the intention of the grant as being a reward for past work.

Also the LP in pools to fund a pool for projects/causes is cool too.

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Well Griff mentioned he is happy to recieve GIV tokens for reimbursement for payments, so in that case… since it’s like we’ll be getting ETH from Optimism I think using it for DAO-owned liquidity would support our token and really enable us to have long-term stability with the GIVeconomy… ultimately allowing us to continue to add value to the Ethereum ecosystem by funding proposals, funding development, etc.


I think the simplest solution perhaps would be to send griff the ETH from Optimism and if he wants GIV he can swap it on the open market (which also benefits GIV). Otherwise where do we draw this GIV from? our multisig safe? our nrGIV treasury?

from nrGIV treasury because those funds are allocated to pay salaries… and those funds were from paying salaries. there is another forum post about this… in fact, we already voted on one, no? Reimbursement for Giveth Contributors’ Compensation

There’s still the GM one outstanding… and then I’m not sure there will be any more, or if the reimbursement saga is coming to a close.

makes sense, but if we choose to add liquidity we should send the ETH to the gnosis-safe since the process will be easier


Absolutely… we can send it to the liquidity multisig and just LP

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Should we send the ETH to the Liquidity Multisig and make a LP Pool? Make a small group to debate the best LP option and execute?

  • Yes, send to the Liquidity Multisig and LP it
  • No, send to the Main Multisig and let’s wait for snapshot to vote
  • Other, I have a different idea and will post it
  • Abstain

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Looks Unanimous…

Who wants to be in this group with me to decide exactly how we LP?

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I would love to look at LP solutions for using these funds

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Doodle for Time:

This is probably the beginnings of a Treasury management group! If you can’t make the times here no worries but its best to make it if you can!

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Very unfortunate timing, I’ll be in the air all of thursday!