20k Token Swap TEC <> GIV and LP

I’m proposing to swap 20k DAI worth of GIV from the GIVgarden for 20k DAI worth of TEC tokens and pair this with 20k DAI worth of GIV from our liquidity multisig to create a TEC/GIV LP on Honeyswap.

The TEC has been an extremely valuable partner for Giveth, providing us with a constant stream of contributors, token engineering insights via the commons config dashboard, our conflict resolution framework and much, much more. I strongly belive the TEC is a value-aligned DAO and we should support them by creating an economic bridge between our two communities!

  • Sounds good! DAO it!
  • Bad Idea! NGMI

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I’ve taken a calculation from a 7 day price average for TEC and GIV from CoinGecko to arrive at exact amounts that should be swapped.

Giveth will request 8,637.85 TEC in exchange for 43,762.69 GIV , and provide a further 43,762.69 GIV to create a GIV/TEC LP on Honeyswap. LP tokens will be held by the liqudity multisig.