Account and wallet address relation

True… I can see where you’re coming from… and I think pop up idea is good. We would still have the ability to contact the GIVbacks donors but would allow for effortless donations.

From an admin standpoint, it would be really nice to be able to click ANY of the addresses in the donations history and see all donations made by that address… maybe this wouldn’t require the donor to fill out any information or for the donations to be attached to some sort of profile though…

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Speaking up here for the concern I have about drawing too much of a line between Donors and Project Owners because of the technical challenges around fraud identification.

Project Owners are Donors too!

People who are working on projects, when they receive GIV as a reward, were already Givers and now can also give GIV they received as well. By giving GIV to projects, the Project Owners will be distributing it to project participants for their work. These participants now have more to give and will become Donors, and governance token holders also.

In these first few months, transparency is going to be key as we develop our community of platform users and all the roles they will hold.

I think this is an intended consequence, creating an economy around giving means we are creating more Givers - the unintended consequence to be alert for is segregating users by type for technical reasons in ways that make it more difficult to give or receive.


Here is a draft proposal to have multi-level accounts, base n all of your comments. Its WIP but open for comments:

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Shall we continue with MLA (Multi Level Accounts) on DAPP with provided specs?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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@MoeNick Count me in this conversation and work process. Can you please ping me when next steps happen?