Add link to GIVgarden Terms and Conditions to Giveth Community Covenant

Proposal Information

Update Giveth Community Covenant with link to GIVgarden terms and conditions.

Proposal description:
The current Giveth Community Covenant does not mention or include the GIVgarden terms and conditions. We are proposing we add some additional language and a link to the GIVgarden Terms and Conditions on the documentation site.

Added language in brackets.

Decision Making

Giveth uses the Gardens governance platform to manage the >GIVgarden configurations and allocate funds to projects that are aligned with its mission, vision, and >values [in accordance with the GIVgarden terms and conditions.]

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
Can be completed as soon as advice process and Tao vote complete.


I will move ahead with the formal proposal in the gardens at the end of the day unless there’s any pushback.


go for it!! looks good!

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