Add Strategic Partners to the GIVdrop List

Hey friends,

As mentioned in our most recent governance call, we’d like to add a list of Strategic Partners to the GIVdrop. The intention is to give GIV to friends of Giveth who have support us/are expected to support us in the future with their influence, technology, research, etc. These people are also in general, not expected to receive much of a GIVdrop from the other buckets.

Proposing to drop 585,483 GIV to the following parties:

Name Description
Niran Runs Panvala
Kevin Owocki Runs Gitcoin
Alex Wilson Runs Giving Block
Auryn ran CLR
Connie Gallippi Runs Bitgive
George Li Ran wetrust
Bryan D SDG Impact
Tony SDG Impact
Maxim Gaia Gives
Philip Building our QF Solution (dgrants)
Ben Building our QF Solution (dgrants)
Aditya Building our QF Solution (dgrants)
Gideon Rosenblatt Cryptononprofit philanthropist
Manu Doingud
Shawn IXO
philip BrightID
Santi siri POH
Will Ruddick Grassecon
Zargham Blocksci
Stefano - Aragon Cryptononprofit philanthropist
Dave Craige Charity DAOs

Looking for thoughts, comments, ideas and any other suggestions for Strategic Partners we should include. Once all suggestions for Strategic Partners are in, @Griff will make a proposed distribution for advice process.


Include Nik with Akasha/DoinGud ?
And Lorenzo from Akasha BCN, hosted our RxC initial Commons presentation…

I really only know vaguely 4-5 names on this list. I’ve had almost no interactions with these people and I’ve only seen a handful of these organizations have direct interactions with Giveth so I’m not sure why we should be airdropping them tokens.

The idea is that these people are strategically valuable allies to our mission. It would be good to make sure they have skin in our game and are not missed in our GIVdrop. All the other power players that are in the blockchain charity space but haven’t had a lot of interaction with Giveth so far, so they might not get an allocation.

In short… how much did you care about Gitcoin/Uniswap/etc before the airdrop, and how much did you care after the airdrop. These people are strategically positioned to support our long term goals, so giving them a Drop and a Stream will help loop them into our community, and giving them governance power will help us get their valuable perspective.

RE: Dani, Good call on getting the RxC crew in it, I reached out. The Doingud crew is also in the DAO airdrop list and Nik has a nice stack of GIV tokens from other buckets… I left off Adam from brightID and a few other people that would be strategic partners as well since they have tokens from other buckets.


I appreciate the thought. You don’t need to include me in any GIVdrop though - you already had me at “GIV.” :slight_smile: And, yeah, I’m poking around in here already. :wink:
I’m still very much learning this space and so am missing a lot of relational context, but one name that popped to mind is Gregory Landua from Regen Network.


Great idea! I will add him :smiley:

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HOw about Rieki at Seeds?

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It’s fantastic if we can write a procedure to make it clear and transparent, how we choose this partners and which value they can provide. This removes the suspicion that this is only a judgment.

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I see the value in something like this and I will have to trust that Dani and Griff are picking the right people but as MoeNick mentioned I think there needs to be some explanations written down to back up why each person is receiving GIV tokens and why should they get that amount.

I would be hesitant to pass any proposal that would allocate more GIV tokens to these ‘allies’ than any of our current contributors making moderate to significant contributions to Giveth.


Hi all,
I think it is a great idea and to me it makes total sense as they add continuous contribution to build the culture of giving and reach our mission. We should include all strategic partners including 1hive guys! and I do agree with Moenick and Mitch to add back up explanation

Ok, after discussing with Willy, Hannah and Lauren, i think it makes sense to expand the reach even more to align a diverse set of leaders in the crypto space to have a long term interest in our success… the list has grown substantially and is worth putting it in excel form:

(I put it in the same doc as the Current Contributors)

The main thought here is that all of these people will have a stream for 5 years so this will for sure make them interested in coming to us when they have any crypto charity work to do.

the airdrop creep is real!!

I feel pretty skeptical about the constant expansions to this list of strategic partners, I`m totally out of the loop on who these people are and I feel very disconnected from this process as a result.

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Am I missing Omar on this list? That’s surely an oversight he has been a staunch and consistent supporter.

I have mild skepticism but totally down to try it with Snoop Paris and Ashton lol. Why not @tag them when we drop and ask which projects they support/suggest they stake their GIV with a link to how.

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The current distro proposal (not finalized/voted on yet) is allocating 1% of tokens to strategic partners. So you can say the “creep” is real by having more strategic partners, but the number of tokens is the same.

I also don’t know every single one of the people on that list, but I do know the biggest recipients and think they’re good choices. There’s also some celebrities that at first I was skeptical about, but also it does seem that if Paris Hilton or Snoop Dogg tweeted about Giveth that could do some pretty good things for GIV.

I also genuinely think Griff has the best handle on who would be good choices here because of his experience in the space, experience with Giveth and social cred, and ultimely think that, as long as we’re ok with the 1% of the total supply and generally think the list has good ideas on it, it’s not necessary or useful for every single rGIV holder to know all the details of each person on the list and agree wholeheartedly.

Also, worth noting… we’re going to need to contact all these people and get addresses for them… and then they would need to go an claim their GIV… so it’s not like tokens going to wallets and then being ignored. Either we’ll get the attention of strat. partners, or their tokens will be unclaimed and we can reallocate them to other strategic partners or back to the DAO using rGIV.

We’re also not going to be publishing this list anywhere, so yeah, if tokens go unclaimed, they can be reallocated and we still have that freedom & flexibility so adjust strategy.

Also @Danibelle …Omar is considered a past contributor and he’s already getting a pretty decent chunk of GIV. you can see him on that same sheet.


Thx for the quick response Lauren!

I can only echo what you said… We will need to do a major out reach to get many of these people’s addresses and we might not even get their address… so they will have to engage with us to get this airdrop.

But if they do claim the Airdrop, the stream will ensure they are aligned with our long term success, and for token economies, these sorts of network effects are everything…