PASSED: Final GIV Distribution Proposal

The purpose of this forum post is to summarize the outstanding parts of the distribution and reach a final agreement. In the screenshot of the excel sheet (below) the green highlighted percentages are yet-to-be voted on - and this is what we’re discussing and voting on here!

These include the Strategic Partners Allocation (1% of total supply), Current Contributors Allocation (3.5% of the total supply), GIVfarm, GIVbacks & Other.

The first two were already discussed at length in the forum proposals linked. For Strategic Partners we’re essentially voting here if we’re ok w the 1% being allocated to that group. For Current Contributors… the only change is that we added an additional ~5% (of the individual’s amount) to each contributor’s allocation, just to make the total an even 3.5% (rather than 3.316225%, which is what we originally agreed to).

For the GIVfarm, we discussed the pools and the allocations, but the discussion isn’t captured in a forum post, so I’ll summarize here. For GIVbacks & Others, there is a lot less to explain, but I’ll summarize here and if anyone has any questions, you can leave a reply.


Percentage of total supply going to reward GIVfarm stakers

  • 10% of the total supply is being allocated to GIVfarm rewards
  • We’re using 3.5% (from that 10%) to reward GIVfarm stakers in our first 26 week farm cycle
  • That 3.5% is broken down to reward stakers in the GIVfarm on mainnet (1.5%) and xdai (2%)

Why are more rewards going to stakers on xDai?

We chose to allocate more rewards to stakers on xDai because the majority of GIV action and GIV earned will be on xDai - GIVdrop, GIVgarden (voting and rewards), GIVbacks. The GIVstream will also be predominately on xDai… the only GIVstream that people get on mainnet will come from earning rewards in the mainnet GIVfarm.

In order to provide liquidity or stake on mainnet, people would need to bridge their GIV tokens from xDai chain (or buy it from a mainnet exchange).

Mainnet Pools Allocation Breakdown (1.5%)

1% - The UniV3 pool concentrates liquidity around the current price - so (long story short) more liquidity is gained from less liquidity being provided. This means that it’s easier to make large buys and sells for whales to enter and exit our economy - making it more attractive to all! less slippage + all good things. We allocated the majority or mainnet rewards to this pool, because we want it to be the most attractive to concentrate liquidity even more.

0.25% - The Balancer pool is included on mainnet because we want to create an arbitrage opportunity, therefore another use case for GIV.

0.25% - GIV staking pool is there too so that, when people earn their GIV rewards, they can easily just earn even more from them, rather than selling them!

xDai Pools Allocation Breakdown (2%)

1% - GIV/HNY pool on Honeyswap: Similar to the explanation above for mainnet… we have 2 pools to create an opportunity for arbitrage bots… but we also want to have liquidity concentrated in one of the pools (creating an opportunity for larger buys/sells) so are allocating a higher percentage of rewards to one (greater incentive). 1hive has been a big Giveth supporter, helping us develop the Garden, so we chose to make the GIV/HNY pool the one w the most incentives for concentrated liquidity.

0.25% - GIV/ETH: see above! arbitrage opportunity

0.75% - GIVstaking (gardens): this pool is dual purpose; it encourages GIV holders not to sell their rewards (they can stake it and earn more!) & it generates rewards for people who use GIV to vote in the GIVgarden.

GIVbacks (13%)

GIVbacks rounds last 2 weeks and we’re allocating 0.1% of the total supply to reward Givers to verified projects each round. The max amount that Givers can earn each round is 75% of the value of their donation. If the 0.1% allocated to the round is not used up, the extra funds go to the GIVgarden to fund proposals.

0.1% every 2 weeks, means that this 13% will cover GIVback rounds for 5 years. (We can also vote to increase this in the GIVgarden later if we so wish)


The remaining (yet-to-be voted on) allocations are basically funds being allocated to projects that we know we want to make happen…

  • Multichain TRACE (1%)
  • GIVmatching (2%)
  • GIVcuration (2%)
  • GIVfi (2%)
  • GURVES (2%)

and rewarding contributors in the future:

  • Future Contributors (4%)
  • Inital Sourcecred funding (3.5%)

In Conclusion!

A lot of thought and discussion went into this distribution proposal. Any questions are welcome here. We hope to finalize ASAP so we can get this GIV dropping!

That image was taken from here, btw, if you want to see the sheet: GIVdistro Final! - Google Tabellen


I’m super impressed by your ability to encapsulate so much information in a digestible format @karmaticacid - thank you so much for all the work you’ve done to make this presentation clear and understandable.

And to everyone for the thought-provoking discussions / debates on all the various components of the GIVeconomy thus far that led us to this moment. I don’t have any questions - we have hashed all these points out thoroughly before now.

I keep hearing the Beastie Boys in my head “Mm DRRrrrrrrrOP!”


HAHA OMG we should use that Beastie Boys snippet in our GIVdrop shilling :rofl:


see what I drrropped in the meme channel :wink:


I think this proposal is great as is and doesn’t need changing! where do I sign!?


The %ages are all great… the only thing I would consider is if we want to make a bridge to Sushi Swap on xDai with our GIV/WETH pool

Any one have any opinions there?

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I think it’s a good idea:

  • Sushi becomes a player in the GIVgame! We’ll have uni v3, balancer, honeyswap + sushi
  • Having GIV on different swaps make it look more legit
  • we still are allocating most of the rewards to stakers on honeyswap (1% GIV/HNY vs. 0.25% GIV/WETH) so we’re supporting 1hive (a good “thanks for helping us w the Garden”)… the biggest pool is also incentivizing HNY liquidity, I don’t think moving the GIV/WETH is really a big hit by any means
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If there are no strong opinions against this, let’s just push forward!

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Shall we make this Final GIV Distribution Final?

  • Yes
  • No, let’s discuss further
  • Abstain

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Distro is DONE! :rocket: thanks everyone for your engagment

A while ago I was given a bunch of GTH tokens (0xb94c53b0e67fabac3d97173482663ef597d4174a) for donating to the project; what is the role of those within the GIV ecosystem? Thanks!

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GTH tokens are not related to Giveth! Looks like they’re from Gather Network

Gather contract:

Giveth contract:

How do I know? I received the GTH tokens when I gave ETH to Giveth.

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ah yes, I see! I think those are older tokens minted before for another purpose (before my time). they aren’t going to be used as part of the upcoming GIVeconomy.

In other words, people who have contributed to Giveth from the very beginning have been forgotten about. Noted.

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I don’t think that is true… all donors ever to Giveth are part of the Airdrop of new GIV tokens, so if you gave ETH to Giveth, you should be receiving GIV tokens in place of the old GTH tokens!

Do you have the address you gave FROM so we can check the list?

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Anyone in there should be part of the new Giveth.



@hannahjojo @bowen @Griff

Can one of you confirm that all Givers to Giveth as seen in the above token contract (addresses that received the old GTH token) shared by @spawnercouple were captured in the Past Contributor distro?


That is absolutely not what I said at all. I said the GTH token is not being used in the GIVeconomy. It would be great if you would refrain from jumping to conclusions.

Our upcoming GIVdrop is going to past donors to Giveth, past users of Giveth, past contributors plus many other crypto donors including donors to gitcoin grants and blockchain 4 good builders.

We have made every effort to include all valid addresses in this GIVdrop made at our discretion with an emphasis on donors and people who have supported Giveth in the past. We have also used an anti-sybil attack measure to remove airdrop seekers from the list. If you are eligible for a GIVdrop you will be able to check it once the GIVeconomy launches, and if you have been a real supporter of Giveth from the beginning, it is likely that you are part of it.

I don’t know you, you don’t know me. But from the point where you got confused between Gather Network token and Giveth token, I sort of made some quick conclusions indeed.

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