Revising the Current Contributor Distributions

Revising the Current Contributor Distributions

Willy, Lauren and I got together to hack on the Token Economy and one of the things we reviewed was the Current Contributor allocation, after doing a little bit of analysis i made a couple more changes. There is a separate vote about how much should be subject to vesting and how much is given up front, but this is the vote on our distribution.

Here is a link to the spreadsheet with our revised allocations. We will review it more on Sunday in the call:

This vote is on using this distribution or doing another participatory vote to adjust the current contributors total distribution.

The benefit of going with the current distribution is that the discussion is over.

The benefit of going with a governance process is we all get to give input!

  • This new distribution is good
  • Let’s have a more inclusive participatory correction.

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Currently the current contributors are getting 3.316225% of total supply of GIV.

To make the numbers for the total (global) distribution work better, we should probably add an extra 5.54169% to everyone’s token allocation… so everyone just gets a wee little tiny bit more GIV.

This means that the current contributors bucket would be 3.5% of the total supply of GIV.

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