Adding temporary utility for PFP owners

I believe adding real-world utility to our PPF collection would increase the interest of the audience and would like to propose a simple action to try to increase sales with no development involved.
We have a House in Barcelona which we offer all Giveth Galaxy contributors and friends when there is availability. We can use that asset to airdrop a one or two-night NFT among all addresses which have purchased a PFP up until a certain day but with an expiration date.
We could use the end of the Eth Barcelona conference as the final date so we can announce and promote the action and airdrop the free night NFT after the conference.

In order to launch the airdrop, we can use Unlock protocol, which is free and offers a way to create the NFTs and airdrop them adding an expiration date. There is also a verification method to check those NFTs already used. Unlock protocol was used for Ecc ticketing a couple of years ago.

Unlock has a free-to-use web dashboard I have been testing. Their solution is deployed in Ethereum, Polygon, and even Gnosis chain. They have recently released their new Certification tool where you can easily create NFT certificates or licenses by adding expiration dates that can, later on, be verified by adding the NFT to IOS or Android Wallet using ethpass.

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Thanks for the proposal, @santigs ! I think it’s a great idea to get more interest in The Givers. I’m not sure I understand your idea however. You are saying that we could offer a couple nights stay at the Giveth House for folks who’ve purchased a Givers NFT PFP?

Yes, but only those who have purchased the PFP before a specific date. The two nights would require availability (you will need to check with the house steward) and the offer has an expiration date.
There are several benefits to these limitations

  • As there is an ending purchasing date, users will want to purchase the PFP before that date to get the benefit.

  • With an expiration date we limit the promotion to a period of time (several months), instead of being active forever.

We can add other promotions in the future as product raffles. The idea is to launch an initial one, evaluate the response and decide if it helps pump PFP sales. Also, it shows the audience we may add additional promotions in the future adding utility to the collection.

Hey @santigs!

I have some concerns of how this would play out as the steward of the Giveth house.

We can use that asset to airdrop a one or two-night NFT among all addresses which have purchased a PFP up until a certain day

What you’re proposing is that every address with one of the PFP’s would get a separate NFT that allows them to claim 1 or 2 nights stay at the house? or is it some type of raffle situation where you give out a limited number of NFT’s to just some of the PFP holders?

How many PFP’s have been sold up until now? Would this apply to every PFP holder that has bought one up until this certain day? Or is it something like “if you buy one between x and y date you get the NFT”?

but with an expiration date.

How long would this “expiration period” be? two months? It will be very difficult if everybody wants come at the same time.

Overall this is a good idea, but there’s a lot of details to work on when it comes to hosting people at a physical space. Whenever someone new is coming to the house I have someone else that can vouch for them, could we try offering this promotion to only PFP sales that are done in person during ETHbarcelona to maintain a certain criteria of who we are inviting to stay at the house? Opening it up to anyone online seems a bit risky IMO.


I understand your concerns and the idea is to offer something we can manage, which is the reason for the expiration date as well as the “upon availability”.
We can decide any conditions for the promotion as to which purchasing period would qualify.
I also like the idea of making a raffle to limit the total amount of potential nights.

It’s a fun idea, but I have some concerns along the lines of @Franco. While the Giveth House itself would love some funding (aside: I don’t think the proceeds from selling NFTs actually is that unfortunately), I don’t think we can treat the Giveth House in this manner, like a kind of hotel. It is not just risky, as Franco suggests. It becomes more complicated because you would be offering a stay but with criteria/conditions that enters into ethical territory.

Would it be ethically responsible to offer a raffle with a stay at the Giveth House as a reward with such yet-to-define conditions? How do you identify conditions of eligibility? That could produce potential discrimination.

It could be something private, where friends of the Giveth House are invited to participate, but once it is public, you cannot make personal attributes part of the conditions for participation (e.g., “Is this [kind of] person acceptable for staying at the Giveth House?”).

The condition for participation could be, for example, that you have already stayed at the Giveth House in the past. But then the question arises: why would I have to buy an NFT to stay in the Giveth House if I can do it free/contribution-based basis? :smiley:


By eligibility, I meant availability, as the house may be full on the dates someone wants to come, but I understand it can produce potential discrimination. I was also considering the raffle to benefit PFP owners who are not Giveth contributors as they already have access to the house.

Great brainstorming ideas, Santi! So important to develop these initiatives for The Givers.