AscendEX GIV Token Listing


I have been speaking with the team over at AscendEx (CEX) and they would like to see Giveth listed on their platform.

Original listing price for them is $20K but I was able to sweet talk them down to $5K listing plus another $5K for incentives

Our incentive program could be similar to these below that they have done in the past:

And here is some information about AscendEx if you aren’t too familiar with them:

So, What say you community???

  • Yes, list it baby!
  • Nope, the pot isn’t sweet enough
  • Lets chat it out below before moving forward

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I think we can chat it out a bit more to set expectations, strategy and goals.

I also think your sweet talking ways got us a great deal and the time is NOW to get listed on an exchange, bulls are at the door and ready to charge through, let’s get our Giveth flag a-waving!!

Plus, I like the idea of the GIV token ASCENDing.


is it 5k incentives in GIV tokens or in DAI or stables?

5k incentives would be in our GIV token

Hey @NikolaCreatrix great ROI question today, this is what I got back from AscendEX. Let me know your thoughts, as well as the rest of the community

“we just listed $FREE on our platform in this month. Please check how is the volume going on our platform.”

“Please check our trading volumes during these platforms”

“You guys will get a good trading volume if you choose to list Giveth on our platform :)”