Bring Giveth Crew to Brazil (updated)

Bring Giveth Crew to NFT.Brasil

Proposal description:
We are thrilled to propose that Giveth participates in the NFT.Brasil event, which will take place in São Paulo from June 2-4. We believe that Giveth has a strong alignment with the event’s themes and can bring valuable insights to the NFT community. Here is more information about the event:

Proposal Rationale

NFT.Brasil team recognizes the value that giveth platform brings to the ecossystem and into the real world, we want Brazil to use giveth, cause Brazil needs Giveth.

In order to bring to the event the amazing experience we had in other events like ETH.Barcelona, and ETH.Denver we wanna do everything that is possible to that to happen.

Instead of requesting funds from giveth treasure, the idea is to create a project within the Giveth platform to raise funds to bring the Giveth team to Brazil. We don’t really know if members would be willing to, or how many so I want to start this post just to measure interest of the community on it. In case of a positive energetic we can have an idea of how many members and how it would cost:

X = basic costs (defined by the community on this post)

if we raise X (enough to fly people) , we give you guys a 10m2 space in the event to do the giveth thing and a giveth house for 10 days and send the money to giveth crew to come and grind

if we raise > X + 2k USD , Giveth also gets +1 Speaking opportunity, DEGEN sponsor status and its perks

The minimum amount to us to install a booth is 5.5k, so we can upgrade the space if we raise X + 5.5k

if we raise X + 7k , Giveth gets a whale sponsor status and its perks

if we dont achieve any goal, giveth and nft.brasil splits the raised amount to support their actions.

Team Information (For Funding Proposals)

Names, usernames, and/or relevant social links for team members (Twitter, Github, Giveth Forum, etc.):

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:

Funding Information

Amount of GIV requested: Zero

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred: Giveth Treasure

:warning: If you vote YES, please comment how much would cost to you to fly to Brazil

  • Yes, I wanna go.
  • Nahhh…

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Thanks for putting this together! I admire your hustle and any event in Brazil is tempting.

In an ideal world we all could be anywhere and everywhere at the same time. However, I think as a Giveth team we need to focus our planning and logistical resources to focus on organizing EthBarcelona in the beginning of July.

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I would be interested and available to go… however as @hanners717 mentioned we probably don’t have alot of resources (especially money) outside of physical attendance that we could commit since ETH Barcelona will be our main focus this summer.

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Thanks @xvlad for inviting the Giveth community! :heart:

I don’t see a reason why not creating the project and see if we can get the funds to get some of the Giveth crew over there.

Personally I can’t commit to travel in those dates but It’d be great to have someone representing :giv:


Quorum: 10 votes in total mininum 5 Yes

Here’s roughly what it would cost for me to make it down:

About 570-735 USD

Only 2 people manifested availability so far, putting this comment up so people can see it for a few more days.

Ok guys, it seems that we dont have enough quorum for this time.
NFT.Brasil is a continuous movement and the next 2 years will happen in the same place. I will ask to archive this idea until next year. See you guys in Barcelona !

Thanks so much to everyone that interacted with the idea, love you all