Buidl on Polygon QF Rounds Results (Jan 15-24, 2024)

Hey everyone!

The results of the Buidl on Polygon#1 QF Round are IN! This round’s eligible project list & matching pool was provided entirely by Polygon as part of the Polygon Village Program, and we are very happy to have been able to host Polygon builders & donors on Giveth! :purple_heart:

This round was a huge success, with a matching pool of 250,000 MATIC and over $160k of (valid) donations flowing to projects from Jan 15-24, 2024.

Quick Summary

  • 250,000 MATIC Matching funds on Polygon PoS, made available by Polygon Village
  • $160,000+ of additional donations from the community
  • 206 projects
  • 2322 unique donors
  • 3240 eligible donations

The final donation amounts to each project, amounts raised & matching funds are summarized here:

Analysis Breakdown

Only donations from addresses with a Gitcoin passport score of 4 more were considered eligible for matching. Recirculated donations (funds that went from donor to project & back, or project to donor & back) were disqualified, as were donations found to be part of sybil attacks. This round, in addition to addresses that didn’t meet the passport requirement, over 500 donor addresses were found to be sybils, and therefore ineligible for matching. There were a small number projects that were found to be participating in massive, coordinated recirculation of funds who will have been contacted by Polygon and excluded from the matching calculations. Projects who did not receive any valid donations are not included in the spreadsheet list.

It’s also important to note that, according to the specifications set prior to the round, the top 100 projects from the Jokerace competition received 2x a multiplier on each of their eligible donations when calculating the matching funds.

Final Remarks

As per the requirements of Polygon Village, project owners who wish to receive matching funds will need to first complete their KYC requirements (please watch your emails for a message from Polygon).

This forum post will be up for at least 3 business days to leave time for community feedback on the results. Barring any issues, and after projects complete the KYC, we’ll set up the transaction to send the matching funds out to the project addresses listed in the spreadsheet above.

If you have any questions about matching results, please leave a comment on this forum post. Project owners - please check also that the address in the spreadsheet and your Jokerace multiplier is correct.


Our multiplayer bonus from Jokerace is wrong
Reality of Madness Metaverse 7-Game Universe 0x762b1c413f9d042b8d3f8336036236fa4383aa66 $3,229.40 $2,315.59 24 16 1 2825.46

we end up 47 on there, and its not counting our bonus

You can check it here:

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Hey @stollmar - thanks for you comment! The list we received from Polygon Village for the top 100 projects to receive a bonus is here. I don’t see Reality of Madness on there.

I think there were some ties among projects so that may be why there is a discrepancy. If you think there was a mistake made when creating that list, please reach out to the Polygon Village team.

Hey guys. Great to see the results already. Our project FREEZERVERSE ended at 40 on jokerace but we only have a x1 multiplier on the calculations, you can search it on the list you sent above.

We also had a last day donation from fabocrypto.eth: https://polygonscan.com/tx/0xdde1bdde4e6bdb92c7c2c09a3c1e37509bc9ed39d6bae30059700d3c8d7b2b2e
He had some troubles doing the verification of the gitcoin passport as the dapp isnt working on metamask mobile for connecting socials networks. He did got 20 points on January 25th (2 days after the competition closed) Do you think you can check this last donation-passport as Im pretty sure it wasnt counted in the calculations.

Thanks a lot Giveth team, love to hear your reply soon.

Just Wondering, our matching funds were greater than the final amount yet we were on the top 100

How can we contact them? it seems like a few other projects are in the same

Good catch! We will add the 2x Jokerace multiple to your project when we regenerate the results in a few days. I will give all projects until the end of tomorrow to give their feedback and then after making all needed adjustments, will post the final adjusted results here.

I checked your friend’s donation and it was not included because the passport threshold was not reached in time. The requirement for a donation to be considered is for the donor to get a passport score of 4 or more before the round ends. We do a lot of data analysis on the donations included in the round, and it’s really just too late to make this kind of adjustment.

I don’t understand your question. Which project are you referring to and what is the issue?

During the round, the best way to reach them was by opening a support ticket and mentioning the name of your project: https://support.polygon.technology

I also reached out to the Polygon Village crew to ask them if there is a better way, if they respond with something, I will let you know.

Yes please, i will try and contact them as well

Thank you so much

Our final matching fund is less than what we expected yet we’re in the top 100 projects

Please check the details about the projects that have emailed you and the Polygon team, before you re-calculate the final results

The matching funds are a function of the number of unique donors & the amount donated. You can learn more about how QF works here: https://wtfisqf.com/

The only extra benefit given to the jokerace top 100 projects is that each donation from a unique donor is considered as 2x the size. This does not guarantee you will be in the top 100 recipients of matching funds.

Hi @stollmar - I spoke with the Polygon Village team about this, and it was as I suspected. Your project was tied for 47th… but since there were many “ties”… it was actually not among the top 100 projects in Jokerace, and not eligible for the x2 bonus. The full list of included Jokerace projects are here.

hey guys d pex here.
We believe the grant allocated to us is fair and matches what we expected.
Thanks for running the campaign. Do we know when distributions are?

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Hi @karmaticacid,

Thanks for the update.

I hope this message finds you well. We conducted a review and noticed a discrepancy in the matching of donations. Out of 43 generous contributions, only 26 have been successfully matched, primarily from friends and family of the Anu Initiative core team.

We have taken diligent steps to ensure that each donor is a unique individual, with a confirmed humanity score of at least 4 on the Gitcoin Passport, adhering to the standards required for matching. Given these precautions, we were optimistic that at least 35 donations would qualify for matching.

During our campaign, we encountered situations where some supporters, including those not familiar with cryptocurrency (non-crypto-native users) or without custodial wallets, expressed their willingness to contribute. To facilitate their donations, we assisted in setting up necessary digital wallet arrangements. For instance, to enable my mother’s contribution, I helped her establish a new MetaMask wallet, achieve a humanity score of 4, and acquire MATIC for donating through Giveth. Similarly, I onboarded several other friends and family members to support our cause.

Given the above context, we are keen to understand the reasons behind the limited number of matched donations. We believe that a detailed review of each case might shed light on this issue and help us address any gaps in our approach.

Would Giveth be amenable to a collaborative review session where we can examine each donation individually to ascertain why some were not matched? Such an initiative would greatly aid us in refining our processes and ensuring broader support for our future endeavors.

We appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to your guidance and support.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Daniel of Anu Initiative

Thanks @decentralizedperpetu! The funds will be distributed I hope within a week. The projects will need to first submit & pass KYC with the Polygon Village team before we get the OK from them to send funds out to the addresses listed on the spreadsheet for the projects. You should have gotten an email from them w/ this process (and any deadlines).

thank you for your reply.
we submitted the request to their form but yet to receive an email to submit kyc. hopefully they won’t take too long. these matic are going to be worth much more and we’ll get less if they take longer to distribute based on US dollar value…

Hey @DanielofAnu, the donations for this QF round have been extensively analyzed. Some donations do not count towards directing the matching funds for a variety of reasons - passport score not above 4, address found by recirculating funds, colluding or participating in other fraudulent activities.

Unfortunately, QF is a cat-and-mouse game with sybil attackers, so we are not able to disclose the exact details of our analysis processes. This is standard practice.

I mentioned to their team that DPEX hadn’t yet received the KYC email. They will look into it :slight_smile: The matching funds will be paid out in MATIC.

Edit: They got back to me and said the email was sent to your c…e@…x.io email.