Build with a community of grantees

I come with an idea. The SolarPunk Guild is renovating itself. In the past Gitcoin round we had maaaany participants from LatAm, in fact over 60% of our spaces where in Spanish.

I love both Giveth and Gitcoin, but my heart is wtih you (don’t tell anyone).

The thing is that Giveth is not yet the main funding stream of my initiatives. I’d like to change that.

Is there enough interest to initiate a working group with grantees to meet the following goals?:

  1. Onboarding IRL donors
  2. Onboarding sponsors for QF
  3. Getting grantees to accept $GIV as part of their business model

I believe that working together in onboarding IRL donors and sponsors benefits both protocols (as Giveth uses Gitcoin Passport and the ALLO QF mechanism), so we could say that the results could be seen as a public good.

Some things you all know but are worth mentioning. There are some major issues I see and feel by having both Gitcoin and Giveth funding mechanisms:

  1. There is donor fatigue. Even if it’s asking $1 DAI to friends, family, followers, and strangers. It happens too often when combining both of fundraising protocols.
  2. Fundraising takes too much effort, time, and stress when doing it in a dedicated and coordinated way during Gitcoin that I don’t want to participate in any other fundraising exercise in a while.
  3. Either I fundraise or I work.
  4. There’s a dependency on projects to participate in fundraising, there’s the need for an accelerator / incubator process that goes hand in hand with fundraising so that leading projects can stop asking for $ and instead provide $ for others that are going through the same phases they did when starting.

I think having a working group with grantees could lead to ideate, test, and find solutions for these issues.

What do you think? Have you started this? If so, what were the insights and why did it stopped? Is there anyone here willing to take the task?
Disclaimer: I’m not asking for funds for me or for the Guild, I’m asking to know if there’s interest to work in this together.


I believe both Giveth & Gitcoin are focused on fundraising $ for their activities. And they shared after part of it to grantees via matching pool or airdropped OP

From my experience it’s highly unlikely to see what you want from G & G :face_with_peeking_eye: But, it’s likely to successfully build or organize channels for $ in public good way. I mean QF. There you can work with sponsors and partners. Not calling everyone for donation $1 and all that you described and it’s absolutely true. I’m already :nauseated_face: from such activities. Especially if the output :poop:

I personally, and not only me (you as well) prefer to work on the product but instead we work on financing 80% of time :face_with_spiral_eyes:

We started DeSpace QF and I’m preparing Phangan QF. It hadn’t bring $$$ to us but with time it will be nice addition. You know the current Climate round, right? Check deeply and you will see what I’m talking about