Carbon offsets donors, integration through

A donor has suggested that he’d like to see an integration with for carbon offsets - he would like to be able to donate to groups that play a major role in lobbying for global climate policy eg Clean Air Task Force, Coalition for Rainforest Nations, as he believes these are some of the highest leverage charities in the area. It seems neither organisation has yet to raise any funds through Every (Every lists every US registered non-profit on its platform by default0.

[Climate & Lifestyle Report | Founders Pledge] Founders Pledge currently use [] as the platform to give to charities they identify as effective. This is the reason for his suggestion for integration with Every as he sees it as an opportunity ‘to funnel some of the effective altruists through Giveth’.

wdyt: @Griff @karmaticacid @WhyldWanderer @cquinterom096 @mateodaza @mitch @aabugosh @qqsong @Cotabe (I imagine this will be a similar discussion to the Giving Block) but carbon offsetting is also a hot topic.

If not through integration, alternative ideas?

I love how they concisely communicate the value proposition to both target audience on their homepage.

I’m not sure if an integration with Every would be the best idea, but maybe we make a project similar to the “Giving Matching Pool”, but call it the “Effective Altruism Pool” (and maybe have different versions for each cause). That way people could donate to that project if they’re passionate about EA

Sounds to me like a case of needing to tap into the nonprofs of Every and show them to benefits of Giveth.