Chainvine Referral Program

I think we should definitely try to coordinate with Chainvine and practice our ability to work with external teams to build stuff!


I couldn’t agree more with @mitch about making our integrations better and coordinating with external teams. I think we have to try this out.


Hi guys! What’s the latest on this subject @aabugosh @mateodaza @cquinterom096 ? Looks like you had a call this week? Thanks!

So we had a discussion on the GIVeconomy development call and cleared things up. We’re going to proceed with Chainvine and get the beta program launched then take it from there. The 3 action items are:

  1. Get the integration with our site done so we can start testing the program @cquinterom096 @mateodaza
  2. Figure out how to integrate with the GIVbacks program (if it can be automated somehow)
  3. Come up with the Comms plan once we’re almost ready to launch.
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Hi gang. Not sure if we’re going with a name, but I have a few more ideas to add:


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GIVferral seems to me the best name - says it all!

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“Pass the peace pipe, then GIVrefer”

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Hey team,

We’re almost ready to launch the Giveth Referral program! We’re just doing some last-minute testing and front-end tweaks.

The main thing we need to finalize before we launch the program though is how GIVbacks rewards work with the Referral program.

Based on the discussion we had here so far, I think the following makes sense for this first iteration of the program:

  1. For each person a user refers that donates to a verified project, they receive 10% of the total donation amount. So if user X refers user Y and user Y donates $100 to a verified project, user X receives $10 in GIVbacks. Is everyone ok with that? Or would it be easier to make it 10% of the GIVbacks amount (instead of the total donation amount)?

  2. How long are we looking at rewards for a new referral? I recommend making it last for an entire GIVbacks round. So for example, if user X refers user Y, and user Y donates 3 times in that GIVbacks round, user X would get rewarded the 10% from all 3 donations. Is that ok with everyone?

  3. How are we doing this technically?
    a) Do we now have what we need in our backend to easily know who was referred by who?
    b) If we want to launch the referral program in the next GIVbacks round, would it be easy for us to add this new referral calculation to our GIVbacks formula?

I need your input on this @Griff @WhyldWanderer @renjer @mitch :pray:

Point 1 - I think it will be easier to calculate from the GIVbacks amount - not the dollar value of the donation amount.
Since we have a 30% max spread between the top and bottom ranked projects (50-80%) then referrers could potentially scoop up a greater percentage of GIVbacks if referral donations are made to lower ranked projects.

Point 2 - Looks Good - GIVbacks rounds make sense

Point 3 - No idea. Probably @cquinterom096 and @renjer will have to work with you on that one.

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  1. I agree with Mitch here… GIVbacks amount would be much easier to calculate and keep things simple.

  2. Fine by me!

  3. Not within my scope… I assume it would have to be written into the calculation script somehow but I really don’t know how that would work.

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We have to do the GIVbacks amount. if there is a large donation (like 100k from 1inch) the amount might not be $10 worth of GIV.


I agree with what @mitch said, and about implementation, I think I need couple of days for that

and just another question: If someone that is in purple list refer someone else and that person donate to a project, should we send givback reward to the referrer person? ( I mean purple list member can get a referral reward?)

Hey @renjer by Purple list you mean people that have other projects? I assume it would be ok, since it would encourage projects to shill Giveth to their audience to donate and increase project network effects (which is something we’ve been struggling to scale up), and I don’t think it would interfere with our restriction on projects donating to themselves.

So for example, a project could say “Donate to my project (or any other project) with my referral link and my project will receive GIVbacks”. I think it could be seen as another “donation game”, although I’d be curious to hear what @Griff and the others think.

Also, another point is do we want to only let the program run for “new donors”? If so, we need to make sure that a user is donating for the first time, before we count them as a referral.


Yeah I love it.

Projects can’t get GIVbacks… but they can get the referral’s slice of other people’s GIVbacks.


@aabugosh @mitch @Griff And another question came to my mind, Do we just give rewards for referral donations that are givback eligible?
for instance, if someone donates to an unverified project, should we give a reward to his referrer person or not?

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Yes of course, the same GIVbacks rules apply (the project needs to be verified to qualify).

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Maybe to aid in the success of the program, we give the referrals a large % of the GIVbacks, like 25-50%.

We can always lower it later… but i don’t think 10% of GIVbacks (which will be like 2-7% of the donation) is enough to get people really motivated to use this program.

But 50% of the GIVbacks is like ~25% of the value of the donation… that is some motivation to go reach out to donors… and honestly it doesnt seem like donors care that much about GIVbacks.


I like it! I think the bigger the incentive the more users we’ll get. We can frame it like “for the pilot of this program, we’ll be giving referrers 50% of GIVbacks”

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isn’t @renjer asking here about UNverified projects? can their “ambassadors” also benefit from this program if, in fact, there are no GIVbacks involved? i guess the answer is no. projects have to be verified (as you said :P). just checking since you answered “yes of course”, but the answer is actually no.

Sorry I was confused by the wording (and I was answering the first question he asked not the second). Unverified projects can’t partake because the referral program is a subset of the GIVbacks program. The program will only be available for those that donate to verified projects.