Chainvine Referral Program

Sorry - so are we going to up this to 50% of the GIVbacks? All the copy is saying 10% still afaik,

Hey @karmaticacid, yes looks like we’re upping it to 50% of GIVbacks (for new users for two rounds) and 50% for returning users (for 24 hours after they click the link). I already requested edits on all places we mentioned 10% to be changed (they should all be changed before the program launches). I think the details of the program (the specifics of the exact amounts) we’ll mainly highlight on the docs.


It appears that if you use the search bar or choose a category in Giveth, the referral code disappears…

It would be really cool if that was persistent - possible?

Hey @Danibelle,

The code disappears from the URL when you go to a different section of the site, but we still keep track of it in the session data. So even if you don’t see it in the URL, it should still function normally if you navigate to a different project.