Change of Wallet when Creating a Second Project in Giveth

Please, I’m new in this community especially fundraising through Giveth Platform. I would like to know why asked to change Wallet account for receiving donations when creating a second project? How can I go through this process if I have to do so?
Thank you

Hello @dauson… welcome to the Giveth forum!

Each project that is created on Giveth needs to collect their funds in a unique wallet. This makes it possible to track the donations made to that specific project and allows transparency for donors. It’s also helpful for you as a project owner to be able to keep the funds separate and easier to know what funds came from where.

I would be happy to help you create another wallet address to collect funds for your second project. First, I just need to know what wallet you are using. Are you currently using a Metamask wallet to manage the projects and funding?

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Your support appreciated!

I’m currently using Metamask.

Thank you again for being ready to help create another Wallet.

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Okay great…
Think of your Metamask wallet as a container for many wallets (accounts). To create a new account, you will click the colorful circle in the top corner of your wallet and then click ‘create account’

Then choose a name for your account and click ‘Create’

Now you will be able to toggle between your two accounts, see the wallet addresses and connect to web applications accordingly.

Things to keep in mind when managing Giveth projects:

  • You have a wallet address that represents your profile as a project owner. This is the wallet account that you will use to sign in to Giveth, create projects with, edit project descriptions, add updates etc.
  • Then you have a wallet address for each project to receive the funds at (recipient address). This is the wallet address that you enter when creating a project.

If you have already created 1 project, chances are that the recipient wallet address of that project is the same as your profile wallet address. If you create a second project, you can do so under the same profile address and just use your second address as the recipient of the funds. This way, your 2 projects will come up under the same owner.

If you would prefer that the projects have 2 separate owners, you will need to sign in with each wallet and create a different profile for each one.

I hope this makes sense… please let me know if you have any more questions.
Also, here is some Metamask documentation about how to create a new account in Metamask:

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@WhyldWanderer !

Fantastic explanations!
I have managed to create, and two projects have the same owner but funds appear to be collected in different Wallets :grinning:

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Awesome! So happy to have been able to help :purple_heart:

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Really appreciated @WhyldWanderer
Thank you

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