Changing up the Praise Game in Community Call

Hello fellow Givethers!

I’d like to open this thread to talk about the dynamic we use at the begining of the Community call on Thursdays. It seems that lately a lot of people are coming to this call and the Praise game gets way too long sometimes and we end up with very little time for updates or the Community Spotlight.

I liked the idea that @hanners717 mentioned in the last call that an option would be putting a cap of 15mins for the Praise Game. Or we could bring down the number of Praise to 1 per person instead of 3?

Posibilites are endless!

What do you think?

  • Yes, let’s discuss ideas!
  • Let’s keep it the way it is

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MYSELF ONLY. (i like the praise system overall) but im often multi tasking. so i connect, then start opening my shop/eating/phones/answering emails etc. while listening. So if i know when praise ends, i undeafen. any way to shorten that time, is good to me. (pushing ppl to TYPE in praise is good) maybe only do 1 verbal?
heh gl

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I think having a hard time cap is very useful since it will really help us consistently budget the time we have for each category of the CC

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Yep! I like doing 3 praises for each with a 15 min cap. We get to feel connected as a team and stay on task :slight_smile:


I think one verbal praise would be equal to the amount of time it takes to pass it. I think only one Praise could be an inefficient use of time.

I support this proposal since a lot of people have been suggesting this including me. I would also advocate in having a maximum time for everyone to give praises.

I remember we also had max seconds for each person with a timer for each but seemed like it wasn’t effective enough, or maybe we should do that again. While giving praises, we just always remind that each person only has X seconds to dish praise. We should also consider the time it takes when passing praises and the dead air moments.

We could also do a maximum of 3 praise per person but not necessarily 3 minimum. If someone only has 1 or 2 praises to dish that should be enough. I also like the 15mins cap to save time for the WG presentations and the spotlight.


Summarizing the responses I see here, most people are saying one thing, so let’s just vote. How should we change up the praise game?

  • Max 3 praises per person & praise ends for everyone at the 15 min mark
  • I have another idea, let’s keep discussing

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