Clone a copy of trace verified campaigns in givethio

We had some tasks before to show trace verified campaigns in givethio, it’s implemented but it has some issues:

  1. Because we don’t have a project for verified campaigns so we cant handle heart on those projects
  2. currently frontend get all projects from givethio server and sort them in client, but we are changing that to client get sorted projects from backend, but because we don’t have verified campaigns in givethio backend it can’t be done
  3. Current scenario has some bugs like : rename it on io to verify it shouldt get duplicated.
  4. For donating to tracible projects we redirect donors to (it can be done with implementing smart contract calls in giveth-next)

A solution for fixing 1,2,3 is creating a corresponding project for verified campaigns and fill the data with that campaign info ( title, description, image, …), so then it will support all the things that givethio project supports the like, sort. but there is some complexities, I have created this topic for deciding about this complexities:

  1. Imagine we create a project for a campaign ( this should be automatically in our codes not manually), after the title and description in giveth trace has been changed what should we do on project in givethio project and vise versa.

  2. Projects in givethio have a required field named walletAddress, when we create a project for those campaigns what should we set for walletAddress of these projects

  3. what should we do about donate? because you can donate to givethio projects on xdai network, but only supports mainnet, so even if we implement smart contract calls in giveth-next, we can’t allow users to donate on xdai to this project and it maybe confuses users because they are having different experiences on projects in givethio

We had some discussion , but I created this topic to have all discussion in one topic, you can check this

please help us to know what should we do, and add your opinions and correct me if I said something wrong.


Thanks Mohammad

As we talked before, the whole business is io 1st. So we have to work with io FrontEnd for this solution. Operations also formed around io businesses, like verification and listing flow as well as scoring. All of them should handle by Gieth Admin in AdminBro.

However, for your questions as we talked:
1- On changing on every content fields from each front-end: both io and trace should change.

2- About Wallet Addresses:
We have to take a look at if Campaign is verified or not, verified campaigns means Traceable Projects.

2-1 If we have a project on io and we want to make it traceable: is has one.

2-2 If we want to transfer an existing Campaign to a io, it means it get verified. So I has to go to manual process with Ashly’s team and the may get another io project first. We just have to connect them.

2-3 If we don’t have a Campaign nor a project: We manually say the owner to have IO project 1st.

3- About donations: we have 2 kinds of donations: Manual and Traceable donations.

3-1 on IO frontend: user can select a check mark if he wants to donate traceable or not.
if traceable donation is selected we may use contracts. (We temporary decided to redirect because we didn’t have time and Mateo was not familiar with this contracts)

If traceable is checked, we may limit the choices to only main-net.

3-2 If the donations is made from trace frontend, we can easily show them as traceable in IO frontend:

Feel free to ask for more details.

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Great topic Mohammad :slight_smile: FYI: I tested the io before and found that like and share features don’t work for traceable projects (campaigns).
As I talked with Mohammad, Here is my thought on these:

  1. the data should be updated on both Trace and IO. If the fields are different in my opinion all data sets should include the max attributes (missing data inputs should be added to both sides but may not be shown in the UI)
  2. Can wallet address be optional? However I don’t know the reason of obligatory wallet address field. May be it is required to be obligatory. If it can’t be optional, can we set a fake wallet id and then ask the user to provide it later?
  3. I think with notification to the user this would be fine, as all traceable projects have to be paid on mainnet,
    But as I am new to this I don’t know the end-to-end process with details: @mitch @karmaticacid @MoeNick should take the lead :slight_smile:

Thanks @MoeNick
I think your information was almost complete, I can start it, and would ask from you if needed


Thanks @Donna.Oftadeh
As @MoeNick said projects are IO first so we dont need to create project form Trace campaigns, so the walletAddress is not our concern anymore

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