CLOSED: Community Circle: Proposed Goals


  • Build Community around For-Good Projects by creating a safe space for community members to communicate their passion projects, then recruit help or guidance from peers.
  • Nourish Relations between Givers, Makers and the Greater Community through meaningful engagement, outreach and trust facilitation that allows for strong bonds to be constructed.
  • Grow the Blockchain4good Initiative by providing resources, education and support for community members focusing on blockchain4good & improving the Ethereum commons.
  • Create a Network of Partners by way of collaboration, relationship building and support of common goals with various strategic partner organizations such as: Commons Stack, TEC, DAppNode, BrightID, 1Hive, Panvala and MetaGame.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to be the living and breathing core of Giveth, an ecosystem of collective support, abundance, and communication, where we cultivate relationships and assist innovative projects with a focus on blockchain for good.


The community circle is like the dating website were blockchain, environmental and social causes can all mingle and form relationships. I love it!

I like it but I think the point of growing blockchain4good has some redundancies with the other 3 goals. I think it could be removed and maybe a point about blockchain4good and/or improving the Ethereum Commons could be added to any of the other goals with just a few words.

re: Mission statement.
So "Core Givers’ is centralized heresy but ‘core of Giveth’ is in??? (I’m teasing)
but actually I like the rest of the statement. I feel you could cut out being the core of Giveth and chop up your statement to some formal sentences.

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