CLOSED: Giveth Contributor Payouts

Here we will share the proposals for monthly PAN payouts to our contributors.

Proposals to the rGIV DAO can be made by anyone. They can be discussed in the #DAO Channel in the Giveth Discord and the advice process documented here.

The rGIV token and voting protocol lives on the xDAI chain at Aragon

Hannah brought to my attention that a few peoples reg reward status was not updated in the correct month. We will rerun the numbers and update with that revision…

Also!! Please create a new Trace on the Giveth 2 Campaign for the PAN to be distributed from there, Milestone functionality has been changed!

My March & April payout is exactly the same amount. I don’t mind, but it seemed surprising to me that it would be the same.

Thanks Forest, Hannah and I will take a look.