CLOSED: Q3 rGIV Distribution

Hey guys! please also vote for me :slight_smile:

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Is there a deadline for this @mitch? Are we complete on q3 distribution?

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I don’t think we had this explicit, but I think we should set this to be a month after the first request goes up.

We are almost done with Q4… it makes no sense to allow people to be minting for the previous quarter.

People need to be active in governance in order to be eligible to get tokens. That includes creating their own proposal in a timely manner.

Just talked to Griff about this and his suggestion was 1 month. I think we should mention/discuss in the gov call at least and then add this to our eligibility requirements

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a sound suggestion lauren, assuming that the DAO steward makes the call in a timely manner I think 1 month is enough time for people to create token mintings - if it takes them more than 1 month to react to DAO actions then they probably shouldn’t be holding tokens, thus making our quorum more difficult to reach.