CLOSED: Q3 rGIV Distribution

It’s time for the next quarterly round of rGIV distributions for consistent contributors to Giveth! (actually we’re already late… :sweat_smile: )

As outlined in previous discussions we’ll be moving to a Fiboncacci Sequence to dictate the augmentations per distribution of rGIV for contributors. This will help to keep our most current contributors with proportionate voting power compared with long-time contributors who may no longer be involved with Giveth…

We’re also moving to a simple number distribution which basically means instead of distributing 1111/2222/3333 rGIV, previous distributions will be simplified to 1/2/3.

Which looking at our projected Fibonacci sequence this plays out perfectly for this next round…
1 → 2 → 3 → . . . 5

This next distro period we should mint 5 rGIV (now srGIV; simplified rGIV) for eligible contributors.

Who gets rGIV for Q3

Now to spice things up… we have some obvious (in my opinion) contributors who should totally get this distribution:

  • Mateo
  • Willy
  • Dani
  • Marko
  • Kay
  • Mitch
  • Griff
  • Lauren
  • Ashley
  • Amin
  • MoeNick
  • Ramin
  • Mohammad
  • Bowen
  • Hannah

With some new contributors who could be eligible to receive their first rGIV tokens:

  • MiA
  • Donna
  • Cherik
  • Freshelle
  • Carlos
  • RodriCastillo
  • Mosaeedi
  • Heather

And some previous contributors who received a distribution last round which may merit discussion before heading to the polls.

  • Forest
  • JamesF
  • Merlin

I’d love to get some consensus around this list and if there’s any names we think should be added then we can record the discussion here. Ideally we can mint these tokens in a single transaction (awaiting technical validation) and put any contentious mintings to a separate vote on the dao. Alternatively, to make it fair, we can do ~25 separate votes for each instance of minting.

Dude, Where’s My DAO??

the new rGIV dao (nrGIV) can be found on xdai-aragon here.

EDIT - 07/11/2021

Following the Governance call 25/10/2021 we achieved consensus on the new parameters for the rGIV (nrGIV) DAO

  • Support Required: 88%
  • Minimum Quorum: 25%
  • Vote Duration: 5 days

So with people who (right now) hold rGIV… are we just like… making that e.g. “5555” rGIV from the past a “5” srGIV and adding the new “5” srGIV to it?

Because I think people who already hold rGIV from the past should be minted that proportional amount in the new DAO.

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Here’s the spreadsheet with token distribution so far:

everyone who had rGIV from the previous DAO has already been minted srGIV in the new DAO, nothing has been removed in that sense. The only debate is minting for Q3 distro

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Here is my Vote:

Vote for me! i will do us proud!

We will need 2 new agents on this bad boy

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@Griff @karmaticacid we mentioned in the meeting to hold off making votes until we change the settings of the DAO

PLEASE do not make any more votes until we change the settings successfully!
(We might need to deploy a new DAO in fact)

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Okay new DAO is up, with the parameters we chose during the GOV call, all current rGIV holders have been distributed their equivalent amount of nrGIV (new rGIV, and hopefully the last) head on over here -

and give a quick YES vote to install the second agent we need to distribute GIV tokens then you may proceed creating your votes to mint 5 (FIVE) nrGIV tokens for yourself as part of the Q3 distribution. If you need any help with this process please reach out via DM.


Ok, my proposal is up. Vote to mint me 5 nrGIV!


My proposal up Aragon

Please vote Yes to mint 5 nrGIV.

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My vote is up too, mint those nrGIV tokens for me please: Aragon

My proposal is up for Q3 nrGIV distribution!

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My Proposal is up , please vote it for mint 5 nrGIV

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Here is the vote to allow anyone to create proposals on our New rGIV DAO, if you hold tokens currently please give this one a :+1:

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Sorry to be so slow on this: Vote for me to get 5 nrGIV!! :smiley:

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Also sorry to be slow on this…here is my token proposal, please vote! Aragon

And ignore the “Voting” proposal that is the same, I accidentally put it there rather than under Tokens at first


This is my proposal to have 5 eGiv

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Here’s the Governance Call meeting notes where we discussed the parameter changes :slight_smile:

Updated the post with the new parameters we decided! Thanks Dani

Hey guys please vote for me to get 5 :

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