CLOSED: What should be the total GIV Supply?


Our initial plan was to mint 100 million tokens at the get go. 17% is going to be GIVdropped. Of those, 10% will be liquid and 90% will be in the GIVstream)… so with a 100 million initial supply, we’d have an initial circulating supply of 1.7 million GIV.

Griff did some quick math…
BrightID has a circulating supply of 6 million tokens and a price of around $0.5 - so a market cap of around $3 million (Market cap = Price x Circulating Supply). We could expect that our token would have a similar market cap, so we could expect that with a 1.7 million initial circulating supply, GIV would be worth around $2.

So the question!!

Should we change the initial supply to change the order of magnitude of GIV? What should we set the total initial GIV supply to be? I made a table to give you and idea of what that would look like… In italics is our current plan. In bold is my favourite solution.

Initial Supply Approx Price of 1 GIV Each GIVback round gets* avg GIVdrop recipient gets a GIVstream of**
10 million $20.00 10,000 0.6 GIV/week
100 million $2.00 100,000 6 GIV/week
1 billion $0.20 1 million 60 GIV/week
10 billion $0.02 10 million 600 GIV/week

*This is the maximum amount of tokens being allocated to give out for every 2-week GIVback round: 0.1% of the total supply per round.

*The average GIVdrop recipient right now is getting 1700 GIV (0.0017% of the total supply)
Avg GIVdrop = 1700 GIVstream = 6 GIV/week

Some thoughts

This is really a matter of the psychology of numbers - what sounds best? What looks best? What makes the most #highvibes?

I really think a 1 billion GIV initial supply is a cool option:

  • It means every round, we’re giving away “one million GIV” to donors!
  • it means that, even when someone earns a GIV stream that’s only worth about $0.2/week… they’re getting still 1 GIV/week - a whole number!
  • Our average GIVdrop recipient starts out with a double-digit GIVstream.
  • It’s not some crazy inflated numbers that’s very hard to keep track of

That said, open to hear others’ suggestions/opinions. What do you think is best?


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At a billion GIV, a GIVdrop recipient gets 60 GIV which breaks down nicely to give 10’s away pretty freely and get in on more GIVbacks… the numbers do feel more incentivizing. All I see is GIF’s. Oprah “You get 10 GIV” “Everyone gets a GIV!” These numbers will also clearly make for great Twitter content.

It’s the GIFt that keeps on GIVing.

Besides that though, I do think this is a great parameter to revisit before launch now that we’ve seen DappNode and BrightID so thank you for presenting this proposal - I’m in favor :slight_smile:


I think you made some great arguments for 1 Billion and would support updating this! 1M GIV/week for GIVbacks is definitely memier

Plus everyone will get 10 times more GIV :partying_face:


I love the 1 billion proposal!

We will need to keep in mind that each round of GIVbacks cannot contain more tokens than 75% percent of total donations made to verified projects.

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The full 1 million will be available for GIVbacks during the round… but if the full 1 million isn’t used (i.e. it’s more than 75% of total donation value)… the remaining tokens go to the GIVgarden to fund proposals :slight_smile: I explained here

Shall we make the initial supply 1 billion GIV?

  • Yes!
  • No, let’s discuss further
  • Abstain

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goings once… going twice… SOLD for 1 billion GIV