Communications Circle: Proposed Mission & Goals


Our mission is to inspire, support and connect Givers and Makers with the Giveth Community through transparent, intentionally crafted and clearly communicated stories and resources.


  • Align Internal and External Communications: Ensure Giveth as an organization is aligned on our overarching Values, Vision, Mission and Goals and that all Giveth Circles are operating from that space. Coordinate with Branding, Design and Development to communicate cohesive messages and tell authentic stories.
  • Share Circle & Development Updates: Broadcast the activity and development progress of our Giveth Circles externally through the Giveth channels with the purpose of providing transparency and cultivating trust while growing our Community and strengthening partnerships.
  • Create Clear Onboarding Resources: As Giveth develops our Dapps, economy, DAO and ongoing new features, the communications circle writes clear, transparent and helpful onboarding resources that support the needs of Contributors, Communities, Campaigns, Projects and Donors in interacting with our offerings.

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