Contributors Monthly Time Reporting

As part of the SubDAOfication process, we have implemented the process of Working Group (WG) budgets and time reporting.

The Problem

Giveth has not had in the past any manner of fiscal accountability or rational limits in budgeting working groups, products and projects. There were also not any clear boundaries of where and how contributors spend their time, this led to many contributors starting their own initiatives or spending their time working on projects that didn’t have consensus with the rest of the DAO.

With a limited budget and many contributors, the Giveth DAO absolutely needs to put some guard rails in place on how we spend and understand the cost of different aspects of Giveth’s operations.

Purpose of Time Reporting

Following this forum post, these changes aim to achieve multiple objectives: Firstly, clarifying WG’s budget; secondly, gaining a better understanding of Giveth’s current spending and improving our ability to forecast future expenses; and finally, enhancing accountability in how contributors spend their time contributing.

When we have the budget and can fully decentralize our accounting then we can let each WG handle it’s own budget and time reporting (or not do time reporting at all if it so wishes).

From September 2022 to January 2023, we used Typeform to gather time reports. From February to April 2023, we switched to Coda. However, after receiving feedback regarding the challenges associated with these platforms, we transitioned to Clockify. Clockify provides us with greater flexibility and better project and WG categorization management. Check out this video tutorial on how to add time reports in Clockify.

Notes on Chapters and Miscellaneous Hours

  • To recap, these are the Chapters: Development, Communications, Design, DevOps

  • We encourage chapter contributors to allocate their work to a WG with an approved budget whenever possible. To simplify reporting, we’ve replaced the previous IDK/Miscellaneous tags with specific tasks and projects which can be found under each Working Group (WG):

    • Admin Tasks
    • Working Group Calls
    • New Contributor Onboarding
    • Development
    • DevOps
    • Communications
    • Design
  • Chapter Leads have a dedicated category where they can create tasks on their own for work that doesn’t necessarily fall under a WG but can be associated in their role as a Chapter Lead such as coordination and management within the Chapter.

  • The remaining IDK/Miscellaneous tags will be proportionately allocated to the relevant WGs based on contributors’ time allocation for the current month.


Hours Reported WG/Project Allocation of Hours* Final Hours Charged to WG
60 DApp WG 60 hours for DApp + 2.4 hours Community Call + 6 hours PTO 68.4
40 Quadratic Funding WG 40 hours for QF + 1.6 hours Community Call + 4 hours PTO 45.6
4 Community Calls Allocated proportionately to WGs they contributed for the current month 0
10 Paid Time Off Allocated proportionately to WGs they contributed for the current month 0
Total 114 hours Total 114 hours

*Allocation of Hours Computation:

Working Group 4 Hours Community Call Allocation 10 Hours PTO Allocation
DApp WG 4 x (60/100) = 2.4 hours 10 x (60/100) = 6 hours
Quadratic Funding WG 4 x (40/100) = 1.6 hours 10 x (40/100) = 4 hours

We highly encourage everyone to properly account their hours because it is crucial to the budgeting and cost estimation.

Please share your comments, suggestions, and concerns in this forum post so that we can collectively address them. If you have more questions and wish to engage in further discussions, you can also join the Governance call.


Thank you Freshelle for giving us more clarity on time reporting and Clockify :hugs: I know that this, being effectively used in Giveth, will provide us with a lot of valuable data, especially during the Subdaofication process. I am excited to see more of what we can benefit from this process! :grinning:


Awesome work @freshelle !

In general it’s easy to navigate these categories in Clockify and I try to be as accurate as possible. There’s one case that it’s complicated for me sometimes which is User Support/Non-user support.

User support it’s under two different WG’s (Dapp and GIVeconomy) and Non-user support is under Communitas. My problem here is that I usually give support whenever I can in Discord, but it’s not a lot (usually a few hours a month) and it just seem like over bureaucratic for the little time put in to classify it into three different categories that sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate.

Thanks for bringing this topic on the forum!

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Hello Giveth, the DAO Ops crew would like to acknowledge that a few contributors are still not using Clockify. Despite posting this forum topic to open up a discussion and providing space to discuss in many Governance calls it looks like it hasn’t had the desired effect of resolving this issue.

We strongly assert that using Clockify should be mandatory within Giveth. We have offered as much support as possible to contributors who have concerns or hesitations and given people ample time to adjust and begin using the Clockify app. Some measure of budget/expense tracking is important for all of the reasons outlined in the post above.

In order to convey the importance of time reporting and using Clockify the DAO Ops team will begin penalizing contributors who refuse to use Clockify. Despite numerous attempts to accommodate and negotiate, there still seems to be a problem.

We propose that effective immediately contributors who have not been submitting time entries at all into Clockify will be deducted 20% of their quarterly GIV token vesting distribution. That will include the vesting distribution pending for Q2 2023.

If you have comments and concerns this is the place! Please speak up!

I’ll also leave this poll to get a signal from everyone:

Should Clockify be mandatory and should we enforce these penalty conditions?

  • Yes! I agree to all the above.
  • Clockify should be mandatory, but I don’t agree with this penalty.
  • No, I disagree with everything.
  • Abstain

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