Dani's Role Proposal

Oh man this was really hard.

Full transparency I wasn’t sure I’d still be here right now; my original work agreement was geared toward replacing myself with all of you so I could take an extended break from technology to fully focus on IRL projects. But I am a Givether for life and it just keeps getting more and more interesting around here so I can’t seem to tear myself away!

That said, my resistance to completing this work agreement has been specifically in regards to ‘having a job’ for personal reasons both ethical and political. I am a Magic Maker and Match Maker and Map Maker in service to the Earth and Peoples, giving myself freely first and foremost, and my dream has been to be valued for this, which is why I’ve made Giveth my home - here we are creating the tools to fulfill this dream. Additionally, I go where I’m called by listening to Spirit and following my gut, without being able to forecast when I will be needed where. So committing to hours worked, planning ahead for ‘days off’, and even receiving payment as a predefined exchange feels very counterintuitive to my being.

If you’d like to know more you can read my BIO and my CURRICULUM VITAE.

Anyways, I found a compromise by making this a fixed agreement, and by continuing to donate the funds I receive to the projects I am supporting through the Diamante Bridge Collective, a Community on Trace with verified Campaigns.

I hope you all find this an amenable agreement, I look forward to continuing this epic journey with you, and welcome your comments and feedback.

Dani’s Work Agreement DRAFT


Approve of Dani’s Work Agreement?

  • Yes! We want to keep Dani on these terms.
  • No way - there will need to be changes to get my vote.
  • Abstaining as I have no opinion.

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Hey Dani, I have some concerns about the fixed rate - we don’t really have anyone else with this type of agreement and I really think that what we need right now is all-in support with the upcoming economy launch.

What do you think your time commitment per week is, and what do you think would be reasonable rate for that?

Thanks for sharing what you think Lauren.

I’ll follow up with you as my buddy first then share what’s changing for me as a result.

For clarity though - Giveth has historically always been fixed rate. It’s a recent development to have these hourly rates and time commitment requirements instead of just doing the roles and responsibilities taken on. While I understand the current team composition and changes to how we make work agreements, contracts, and the like, this transition has been challenging for me.

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Hey Dani, I think you add a lot of value to whatever project you choose to apply yourself to. We haven’t had you around as much as we’d like the last months and I the lack of clarity around time here, combined with our present need for active support, makes me concerned with this proposal. I voted no :confused:

I of course want you on the team, but want to make sure it’s not something like $100/hr. It doesn’t feel fair to the team as a whole.

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Yes, I rather expected someone to. I’ve been reflecting deeply these days on your request and reached a similar conclusion. We can discuss in the Givernance call tomorrow… missed talking tonight unicorn to unicorn! :unicorn:

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