DAO Guilds to Promote Art and Culture through gnosis chain

Hi everyone! :slight_smile: I didn’t where to ask this but let me introduce me, I’m Comando Burrito and since almost a year I’ve been contributing on 1hive and with help all other fellas made a Minecraft decentralized server, but also made new kind of reaches on the crypto metaverse and I notice that there are some systems on this different environments where they make schedule URL festivals and IRL festivals to promote adoption and all that kind of stuff…

Is this possible in Giveth? can we gather some like music producers for example and start making public goods? are there limits in a foundation on something?

I will appreciate if someone could help me answer all these questions and clarify if someone should make a different kind of proposals, also I just want to dig conversation and ideas about all this stuff (it could be time to start develop some UBI type of project) :)) greetings and happy Christmas Eve everyone :slight_smile: :blush:

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