Engaging Users in Decentralized Support

Hey, I’ve been getting a few direct messages for support with Giveth, and thinking about how we set up user onboarding support in the past… many of these questions are basic login issues that once one person has dealt with it successfully they can then help others through it.

When TRACE was being extended to beta users back in those days, I created groups to promote ‘users helping users’ … decentralizing support with basic things to distribute the workload, encourage relationships and cross-collaboration, vet issues a bit by getting the basic ones solved by asking the users to help each other out like a Community does…

This thread is just an idea right now - thinking about a Project Owner channel for users to help users.
Welcoming other thoughts on it!


Yeah that makes a lot of sense… probably should funnel people to a discord support channel.

It would be cool to give each verified project owner a Poap and a token that Collabland will let them see a secret channel in the discord…