Engineering Praise for Twitter

Hey folks, your friendly mitch here. :wave: I wanted to offer an opportunity to collaborate on a proposal originated from yours truly over in the Token Engineering Commons, where I currently steward the Rewards Working Group.

This proposal is to develop an open-source module fitting on top of Praise to allow twitter users to dish praise to one another and add it into a given community’s praise database. You can read the original proposal in the TEC forum here.

Myself and @Maxwe11, also a venerable contributor in the TEC Reward System, have collaborated on bringing this proposal forward.


Currently praise can only be dished and received with a given Discord server, in this case the Giveth discord. This makes it more difficult to be inclusive and liberal with praise and also limits the exposure of the praise itself to be seen. Public Goods are great and they are happening everywhere, we can only capture a small fraction of the great work being done by limiting ourselves to a single platform.

Also, since the majority of Discord interactions we have are amongst contributors this creates a tendency for the vast majority of praise to be dished between other contributors. Not an inherent problem, but wouldn’t it be nice to capture a bigger slice of the community?

Proposed Solution

We are excited to propose a new project that will enhance the existing Praise system in Giveth by building an open-source integration for Praise that allows it to be dished through Twitter. :bird: :pray:

For better or worse, the majority of the crypto community interacts through Twitter. Having observed the onboarding and reward distribution hurdles with having our praise powers limited to only our humble Discord server we would like to build a way to make praise more inclusive and outward facing.

This project aims to build a Twitter bot that Givethers can use to give praise to anyone on Twitter for a vast range of things Giveth values, including:

  • Creating impact, locally and globally
  • Supporting public goods
  • Supporting Giveth
  • Building ReFi

The bot will handle parsing information from praise tweets and add it to the Giveth’s existing praise database. From there it could, if you so choose, slide into your regular quantification process and turn into GIV rewards.

The TEC Rewards WG, myself and @Maxwe11, are looking for developer support from Giveth to produce an open-source Praise module for the benefit of Giveth and the TEC community, not to mention a tool that all communities following ours can fork and benefit from.

Benefits to Giveth

As alluded to above, the primary idea is to register, acknowledge and reward a more inclusive demographic of people doing things that Giveth loves! This is an opportunity to have an excellent outreach tool that could be used by your community and communications teams.

Allowing Praise to be dished on Twitter has the potential to drive more eyes onto Giveth and the work it does and also help onboard twitter users onto the Giveth platform and community.

Lastly as mentioned, this can also help distribute GIV rewards in a more interesting manner, allowing more exposure of praise outside of Giveth contributors, the more hands we get GIV into, the more opportunity there is for people to discover all that goodness in the GIVeconomy.


The Ask

The TEC Rewards WG is requesting 90 hours of monthly developer resources from Giveth for ~3 months, the time we believe it will take to develop and launch an MVP Twitter Praise Bot.

Giveth has an army of all-star devs, a few of which have already worked on Praise and are familiar with how it works under the hood. I’ve also personally been working with these same devs for the last ~2.5 years and believe that they are the right people for the job!

For transparency’s sake - we were initially asking for 20k xDAI from the TE Commons to build a first prototype explicitly for the TEC. We would like to expand it and make the offering to Giveth as well in exchange for dev work. The intention is to lower the burden for a single DAO to bear the entire cost and broaden the instant benefit to more communities who are actively using Praise.

In Sum

The Twitter Praise Bot project aims to integrate the Praise system with Twitter by building a bot that captures praise dished on twitter and incorporates them into your reward system. The primary benefits for Giveth include expanding the Praise system’s reach and visibility beyond Discord, rewarding a broader range of public goods builder and impact creators, as well as creating a valuable open-source integration that can be forked and used by any community that embraces Praise.

Looking for valuable inputs from affiliated parties such as @MoeNick and @Franco


I can simply say, I like it. @renjer and @cquinterom096 already contributed to Praise project, also I know we had some experience working with Twitter API, especially on oAuth. So it makes it easier to achieve.


Wow! Amazing idea @mitch!

I’m all in to see this happen, I completely agree that there’s a big opportunity to expand the Praise community in Twitter! And I think integrating it with our current Rewards Distribution plan would be very interesting and impactful for GIV.

I’m curious if it would be possible to connect the ID’s from Discord to the Twitter one so it’s easier to identify users for quantification.

Would the bot also be sending DM’s to the praise receivers like in Discord to let them know they’re being praised? (I’m not very familiar with Twitter and I’ve never seen a Twitter bot before)

Would love to see this idea in action!


Thanks for your comment,
Here is a more detailed product spec if you want to check it out:

Short answers to your questions are:

Yes - That’s the original idea, to be able to alias a twitter handle to an existing profile or create a new profile with a twitter or eth address that can have a discord profile added later.

Sort of - Not everyone can receive DMs on twitter so rather it would be likely a comment on a praise tweet letting the praise giver know they dished praise successfully, and any details. We’ll see what the limitations are with Twitters upcoming API changes.


This is a really good point - there is a ‘merge’ function in Orbit that suggests Discord and Twitter ids that might belong to the same person. You then click a button to ‘merge’ under one profile. Something like this would be really helpful.

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I love the this idea - this adds so many opportunities to sustainably and perpetually showcase Giveth in the most positive ways through Praise.

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Praise is a pretty hot tool and widely known in the DAO ecosystem. Adding the twitter functionality would make it even more attractive to other communities… and would possibly bring more revenue into the giveth galaxy by getting more people wanting to use praise. I like the idea overall.

90 hrs /month of dev power for 3 months… so this is like 2 devs part time for 3 months? Who are you wanting to work with/poach?

My only hesitation is that if this becomes a blocker to other roadmap features like QF, GIVFi, or even just dApp improvements.

I will check with @MoeNick, but based on Developer bandwidth I think we won’t create any blockers.

I would like to snag either a @cquinterom096 or @renjer since they have both worked with the praise back-end and maybe a @ramramez since he already has experience with Twitter APIs.

I’m very much in favour of this proposal. If Giveth can allocate some human resources and the cost of that is acceptable, then we should go for it.
Praise for Twitter will / should have a great positive impact on traction of the product, it will also benefit all existing communities using Praise.

@mitch Please keep in mind that the launch of this should also be heavily supported by the marketing and. comms teams, to make the most out of it.

And don’t forget QA!

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Hey @mitch! I’d like to be in the loop of the hours for this project (Twitter integration) or if it’s already started. Carlos and Mohammad already reported hours for Praise but I’m not sure if it’s for this project or other Praise dev work.

Sure no problem, AFAIK the only eligible contributors at this time would be @MoeNick and @renjer however @ramramez will be joining soon as well. Should this be another option under Coda? Twitter Praise Bot

Hey @freshelle, This project is not being done under the “Praise” organization, it’s an independent project (so I don’t think it should go under the Praise P&L etc.) I think adding an option like @mitch said like “Twitter Praise Bot” would be good, because then we can figure out how to allocate those hours later on.

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Great thanks @mitch @aabugosh! I added a separate WG/project called “Twitter Praise Bot” under Giveth.

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