ENS x Giveth Grants

Hi there - not sure if this is the right channel/topic or not but BASIN applied to the ENS DAO x Giveth Grant Program. Just want to bump that I am happy to answer any questions about our proposal which is a novel use of .eth sub-names, reverse resolvers, and cross chain EVM 0xSplits and ERC-6551 TBA’s.

And of course all of it is for the greatest public good: Nature! You can learn more about what we are building at docs.basin.global


Hey there @tmoindustries - thanks for reaching out!

The applications for the ENS Builders Round will be reviewed by the ENS team after March 15, and if you’re project is chosen, you’ll get an email from us by March 23 at the latest! The QF round will start on March 25.

In the future, you can always check on the status of things like this by opening a support ticket in our Discord.