Establish a workflow for translations for spanish [Proposal draft]

I will use a bit of the shapeshift dao template for this proposal because I feel that this way all the data can be better presented


Giveth’s mission has many places to go, which is why this proposal establishes Giveth’s group of growth and globalization. Establishing this workflow includes the appointment of Mr. Bear as the leader of the collaborative workflow.


Mr.Bear : Leader of Growth and globalization , of things to highlight in the role to function effectively as a leader in growth, partnerships, globalization, and information workstream/project efforts, Adding cross-stream collaboration and integration of new content to the workflow


As DAO grows, giveth’s mission grows with it, so it would be good to have the initiative to have a working group focused on being with the giveth project so that the chances of giveth reaching more people is greater , either with projects / collaborators / assets

a dedicated team is required to seek, acquire and develop better ways for giveth to grow for everything

This proposal is open to all who want to participate in the improvement of Giveth, with which the workflow is open to all.

Although each work done for the growth and globalization team, will have to be previously evaluated for its publication, thus ensuring the necessary quality for each post.


This proposal creates a single, unified workstream that works under/towards growth initiatives as defined in this proposal. globalization, and partnerships working together to create a unified approach in determining the best growth strategy

I add that as my first proposal I may have some things out of place, but I am here to learn so I am happy to read your comments about this proposal I am excited for what giveth can do


This proposal seeks, for a trial funding of $750 in GIV which will be focused on the payment for translation bounties, and the recruitment of new members for the growth and globalization team.

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Hi, nice ideas I agree with them, I can bring you help if anybody needs me :slight_smile: have a nice day!

I want to contribute by fulfilling translation bounties for Spanish :ok_hand:

It’s good to see people interested in the proposal who want to join the giveth mission


I have to add that as a group of globalization and growth, KPI`s will be established in order to have a reliable record for the entire community, this record can be seen by anyone, perhaps the use of Notion or a similar tool

Hey @MrBear! First of all, welcome to the forum! So happy to have you taking the initiative to lead this effort!

I fully support support the development of a system to translate our documentation into Spanish, however would love to see a clearer plan of action outlined.

Currently, our documentation lives at and is undergoing some updates and changes. Most of our documentation was written by @mitch @WhyldWanderer and myself and we put a lot of work into it!

I would love to see some clarifications/plans describing a system that:

  • ensures at least 1 translator and 1 reviewer (where at least one is familiar with Giveth & our messaging)
  • tracks any updates or changes to the English documentation, and flags the corresponding Spanish translation for review
  • ensures mirrored organization of documentation between English and Spanish versions

It would also help if you explained your own background, skills or experience, so we could better understand your direction.


Hi @karmaticacid , Quite happy to see your comment, well as I said above, it is surely the first time that I make a proposal with which I may have missed putting some things but I will try to answer your questions here

To begin with, the first translator I have to be me to guarantee the quality of the information, With the position open to anyone in the dao, there are some interested parties above, although they would have to pre-test to see their work. It should be noted that with this proposal prizes will be opened for the translation of certain documents or articles necessary to dao

I don’t know which reviewer from the giveth team you could recommend, but if you can direct it here it would be perfect.

I am not very familiar with the current system that you have in the documentation of giveth, but if it is associated with github you can create a channel with fixed revision of a bot to see the changes, addictions and updates of the documentation, and start the work in reference to that

With the aforementioned, a fixed revision of the files that have been updated in order to create the mirror in Spanish can be guaranteed.

Hope this can answer some of the questions asked

My personal experience, Well I have worked with 3 projects in the world of crypto, (InfoCoin) the first as a moderator of the community in Spanish, I am currently with the Stronghold token team in the creation and translation of their documentation in Spanish addition to being leader in the Spanish community,
Last but not least with ShapeShift dao, in which I have been a translator of Spanish content, he managed the web3 accounts for the globalization of Spanish content and lastly, the most recent administrator of his telegram channel

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Hey Mr. Bear! Wow! sounds like you have a lot of great ideas and experience. Love it.

We do use github for our documentation. Would love to learn more about this bot and how it works. I like the idea that we could us it to ensure changes are made.

I’m making a request that we discuss this in our governance call tomorrow with the team! if you want to join, it is at 9am costa rica time in the governance voice channel of our discord.

I leave here a discord guide on this type of functionón-a-los-webhook, it is a very good function for occasions like this.

I am happy to participate in your call tomorrow, I will be there

I am in the path of understanding better this proposal and how to contribute to Giveth in general.
I offer my services as translator or reviewer where it’s needed and then expand on more ways to promote the Giveth platform.

I have already assisted the SEEDS project with translation and a simple mechanism or tracking translation articles. You can see here where the Spanish translations were contributed by me while other contributors helped with other languages.

I realize now there is another proposal being drafted on translating the gitbooks in Spanish plus other languages by an established working group which I find interesting.

I also think this proposal by Mr.Bear involves more than just translations but I suggest this proposal requires more clarification on the key results and methodology.

The other proposal is more a one shot on translating the Gitbooks which will put the documentation already on a good spot. Then further work has to be performed to maintain it which can be done by this growth and globalization working group. As was suggested during the givernance call, there has to be a workflow that allows for cascading updates from English documentation into the other languages.

I am glad that the translation or globalization tasks is taken by any working group and happy to cooperate where called or with other outreach tasks.

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Hello , thank you very much for your feedback , I have been thinking about the proposal with which I will close this one to take it as a small draft , since certainly the growth and globalization group requires a more explained approach in addition to the fact that I want to cover certain parts that I feel that I leave empty, soon I will show the complete proposal with all the core of the team, its roles and other necessary KPIs