GIVeth Gitbook Translations

Hey Giveth Community,

I’m Stonky, a member of 1Hive for over one year, and a very active member of Agave as well.

I have been contributing to everything related to 1hive because I have always enjoyed “doing my part”, even if I come from a non technical background. During the past 15 months I have worked in the 1hive support swarm, I have managed payments for Agave (marketing side mostly), hosted AMAs, organized and published the 1hive monthly recaps and Agave’s weekly recaps and, most importantly, I’ve been a member of the Terra Swarm since its first day.

What is Terra Swarm?

Terra is a swarm (working group) dedicated to documentation translation. We firmly believe that creating a friendly environment, alongside providing translations in several languages are two main elements to achieve mainstream adoption and spread awareness around a certain project. Furthermore, providing docs in multiple languages can open the doors for numerous contributors with different skills.

How do we work?

We have a selected team of contributors who have experience in translating crypto-related material, plus members that can provide QA to further check the quality of the translations. All members of terra swarm provide fast turnaround, and the team has over 1 year of experience working together, constantly delivering translations for 1hive.


  • Increase the reach of the project
  • Create a welcoming culture - aligned with Giveth’s Covenant
  • Helping newcomers in understanding the project’s potential
  • Eliminate the language barrier of entry

Proposal Rationale

Should this post be welcomed by Giveth community, a funding proposal will follow. The following proposal is based on Giveth Gitbook’s translation in 5 languages

Languages: Spanish - Italian - Turkish - Portuguese - Optional 5th Language

The usual rate is $0.11 per word

Page Name Number of Words
What is Giveth 696
Giveth’s Covenant 1026
Code of Conduct 464
Giveth Circles 795
Intro Community 457
Intro Platform 428
Intro GIVernance 487
Governance Process 736
Meetings Guide 2178
Advice Process 1241
Intro Discord 1624
Brand Book 11
Finances 384
Tools Decentralized Communities 235
The History of Giveth 2002
TOTAL 12764

The total of 12764 words has been rounded up to 12000, due to the presence of words and links that may not necessarily need a translation.


Number of Words Price per word (Translation) Price per word (QA) Number of Languages Total
12000 $0.11 5 $6600,00
12000 $0.01 5 $600,00
Extra 10% for quick updates 5 720,00
TOTAL $7960,00

Expected Duration

As soon as funds are unlocked, our members can work on the translation. Being a pretty extensive work, we can imagine a turnaround of 4-6 weeks.


Stonky: Terra Founder / Italian Translation / Translations Coordinator

lEscanore: Terra Founder / Spanish Translation / Translations Coordinator

Mrtdlgc: Terra Founder / Turkish Translation /

Dw: Terra Member / Portuguese Translation

5th Language (tbc) Terra Member

Should the GIVeth community require more languages, Terra Swarm can take care of finding a trustworthy contributor(s).

Past experiences:

(I can’t post more than 2 links, but it is easy to find the following documentation)
Gitbook Pages: 1Hive Wiki / Gardens Wiki (to be merged) / Fuji DAO docs (to be merged) / Moola Market docs

Medium Pages: 1Hive International / Agave International

Thank you for reading so far. I am looking forward to hearing the community’s feedback, and I am looking forward to working and helping to spread awareness around Giveth.



I would like to translate these in turkish.

Hey Stonky thanks for posting this! Really appreciate your well-thought out proposal and experience!

Translations would be great, the issue we are experiencing currently is that our none of our current core team members have the bandwidth to take on supporting the process at length. It’s pretty important to have someone who understands the central vision and mission well as an advisor for the team.

We were discussing that Spanish translations would be a priority since it is a very popular language. Have you had experience with there being high demand for Italian, Portuguese & Turkish?

Also, we’d need to ensure a system to have translated docs reflect updates in the english version. What do you have set up for that?

Perhaps you could take these things in mind and cut scope a little?

I would also like to suggest prioritizing the GIVeconomy documentation as well and the What is Giveth parts… I would suggest taking The History Giveth, Meetings Guide, Tools for Decentralized Communities & Finances off the initial proposal because it is not as critical for the users to understand… and some need to be updated. It would also be good to add the Giveth Community Covenant.

Note that there is also another proposal for Spanish translations by @MrBear, I wonder if a collaboration would help move this along.

I would really like to point out though… we don’t have a “gitbook”. Our documentation is called the “Giveth docs” and is found at - I think you know that already since you listed many of our docs, but getting the terminology right is important.

Also our org name is Giveth. GIV is the token :slight_smile: I understand the confusion because we do have many “GIVprograms”

Thanks so much for working on this!


Hey there, thanks for your answer.

Yeah I’ve actually thought of a few of the points you made in your comment. I mentioned Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Turkish because I wanted to ensure these languages in which our contributors are most trustworthy and experienced, as together we’ve worked on 4 5 doc translation through the last year and we have a nice and efficient workflow.

I don’t have data about which language is more needed, but ideally a project like Giveth could easily have its doc translated in 10 15 languages as its mission is very broad. I can actually provide more contributors for other languages, but as a first proposal I moved on with those languages I can assure would be properly and quickly translated.

I believe that we could definitely prioritize the pages to translate if that’s more cost-effective.

About updates the way I believe it works the best is to simply have a private channel in which when page X is updated / added / eliminated, the translators are notified and can quickly work on the needed changes. To my experience this is the best way.

I am aware about the other translation proposal, I don’t know if the two can go along together; Personally I’ve nothing against that of course, but we have 2 trusted and experienced translator for each language proposed.
As mentioned, more can be added and I could help searching the right profile.

I hope this will go through, the project is great and the terra swarm is right now fairly free.

Stay safe everyone!


Hey Stonky! We discussed this proposal in our governance call today and the conclusion was that it would be great for someone from our core team to create a list of docs that should be prioritized for translation.

@ReForest volunteered - she is a part time Giveth contributor and has been helping out in comms. @mitch will review her selections as he has written many of the docs, and has done a lot to create an organized system for them. He is very familiar with the bigger picture here at Giveth so his review will be very helpful.

I think the idea of having a private channel where we update the translations team about docs updates sounds great. We also discussed creating some kind of notification system in github, but I’m not exactly sure how that would look.

I think in general the team responsded positively to this proposal and would love to work with Terra Swarm. The biggest blocker is coordination with someone from the core team around priortization and central Giveth mission, but we have the next steps layed out.

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Hi @karmaticacid , thank you so much for the kind answer.

Sounds lovely! Yes, I’ve discussed with Griff the possibility of Github issues, eventually we could go there, but a notification channel could be serving the same purpose without any trouble.

I agree that to save budget and prioritize things having a list of “to translate” items is crucial. I can be the link between the core team and our translators. Once I know what needs to be translated I will create a google sheet in which all the contributors can find the link and will need to update the file to inform the other contributor that he/she can begin the QA. As the work progresses, we can get access to the Giveth docs and add the pages in order to respect all the hyperlinks and the general design. (1Hive’s Docs docet)

Once we have the list of docs that needs to be translated, I will proceed with updating the budget and, when we have time to review it, I can proceed with the proposal, in order to have all the docs translated in the shortest timeframe possible.

Thanks again for your answer, we’re looking forward to doing our part!


happy to support and move this issue forward!

I touched on today in the GOV call a solution to keep translations synced when we have new or updated content in our docs - this would take the form of a discord webhook that syncs with our giveth-docs repo - meaning automatic notifications are sent whenever there is an update. We’ve implemented webhooks in a few places in our own giveth discord and it seems to work well enough. If we choose to go that route, I would pull in @geleeroyale because he was the mastermind who did the initial setup with our webhooks.

grateful for any feedback and begin coordinating on this translation work!


Oh that sounds lovely mitch.

All is good for us, so whatever feels ok with you and it’s easy to handle is going to work perfectly.

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Hey there, I will help to do a review of our current docs and propose a list of which are the most helpful.

As far as which languages to translate to, I agree that Spanish is the most prominent second language spoken by our users it seems. Other widespread languages I imagine might be helpful initially are French and German, though those were not languages you suggested. In my local community where we have awareness of there’s a lot of Hebrew also spoken so that might be one to consider too.

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Hey there,
thanks for reviewing the list of most important docs to translate.

Yeah, the reason(s) for the 4 languages I proposed (Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese) are many, but main one being that our core team can translate these languages professionally, quickly and every contributor is experienced. I can provide and help with other languages too (We can definitely get French, perhaps Chinese, and others) but of course, the more, the more funding. I have translated several docs and can get on board other experienced people with other languages, but since I’m proposing the Terra Swarm, these 4 are languages in which I can assure we can provide very high quality and fast turnaround.

Of course, should the community require other languages, I can add that to the funding proposal and get to work to find trustworthy contributors.

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I see a definite immediate need for Spanish & Portuguese (based on the people I see in our community). I’m open to Italian and Turkish - it’s great to have more languages… let’s see what the final scope is.

As far as I can see, best next steps:

  • finish list of docs to be translated @ReForest @mitch
  • adjust funding request based on docs & number of languages @Stonky
  • get soft consensus in a poll in the forum
  • move funding proposal to the garden & get started on the work!
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Sounds like a plan.
I’ll wait for the list of docs and then will modulate the proposal for these 4 languages.

Awesome. I created this and it has been QA’d by Mitch.

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Thank you @ReForest.

@karmaticacid I’ll proceed with a calculation of costs based on the provided links for the 4 languages I mentioned earlier (Italian - Turkish - Spanish - Portuguese); If you want I can also already add French because we also have contributors for that and you mentioned earlier.

I’ll then present here an overview of the costs. Timeline-wise, Terra Swarm is currently not busy so we could get to work at any moment basically, providing a fast turnaround.

have a good day!

Hey guys,

All right, I made a bit of math and below I’m presenting the overview of all the docs listed in the file from ReForest.

I am presenting this sheet for a package of 5 language translations: Italian - Spanish - Turkish - Portuguese - French (Optional)
The titles below come from the aforementioned file from ReForest.

TITLE N° of Words
FAQ 2683
What is Giveth? 696
Giveth Community Covenant 1026
Code of Conduct 464
Community Communications Guide 1178
Giveth Circles 795
Circles > Community 457
Circles > Platform 428
Circles > GIVernance 488
Governance Process 800
Guides > Advice Process 1234
Guides > Discord Introduction and Tutorial 1624
Guides > Design & Brand Guidelines 11
DApps Documentation 29
User Guides > Intro to giveth . io 213
User Guides > Giveth . io > Getting Started 300
User Guides > Giveth . io > Cryptocurrency Donations 497
User Guides > Giveth . io > Create a project 272
User Guides > Giveth . io > Project quality assurance guide 547
User Guides > Giveth . io > Project Verification Process and Guideline 1258
User Guides > Giveth . io > How do I donate to a project? 219
User Guides > Giveth . io > Wallets > Using the Torus Wallet 792
User Guides > Giveth . io > Wallets > Donating with Fiat via the Torus on-ramp 304
User Guides > Giveth . io > Wallets > Import Torus Private Key into Metamask 588
User Guides > Giveth . io > Wallets > Donating with Metamask 285
User Guides > Giveth . io > Troubleshooting 303
User Guides > giveth . io > Frequently Asked Questions 400
GIVeconomy 714
GIVeconomy > GIVbacks 1323
GIVeconomy > GIVstream 609
GIVeconomy > GIVgarden 1508
GIVeconomy > GIVfarm 628
Developer Guides > Contributing to Giveth Development 1538
Developer Guides > Giveth . io > Installing Giveth . io for Local Development 508
Developer Guides > Giveth . io > Giveth . io Testing Guidelines 566
Developer Guides > GIVeconomy > Installing the GIVeconomy Front-End 230
Developer Guides > GIVeconomy > GIVeconomy Testing Guidelines 804
TOTAL 26319

For simplicity, and due to numerous repetitions, I would say that we can round up the number at 25000 words, therefore eliminating the cost of +1300 words (x5 languages). Respecting the usual rate of $0.11 per word, we will get to the following:


N° Words Price per word (Translation) Price per word (QA) N° of Languages Total
25000 $0.11 5 $13750
25000 $0.01 5 $1250
Extra 10% for quick updates 5 $1500
TOTAL $16500

As mentioned previously, Terra Swarm is currently not busy with any other doc translation, so for what concerns us, we’d be happy to forward the proposal and get to work once this one will (hopefully) pass.

Have a good weekend everyone, and sorry for the long post.


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Thanks for such a comprehensive breakdown! I would venture to say that french and italian are not necessary to translate at this point, turkish, portuguese and spanish would be great to have translations for. I also noticed we missed 1 doc that should be translated.

Also, could you clarify what the extra 10% for quick updates is for?


Hey @mitch thanks for the answer.
Honestly I’d be taking care of the Italian translations so if that’s not needed I’ll leave the convo and have someone else moving it forward for the other languages. As for pitching, planning and making the budget plan I don’t ask anything to Terra swarm at this point I’ve worked long enough for the others. :sweat_smile:
If the general consensus is not to have Italian (I’ll wait for other’s opinions too), then so be it.

By the way, that 10% extra is for quick updates and to have the budget for little changes, so to avoid a new proposal for very little amounts. It could be easily erased, but it would ensure fast turnarounds when a crucial update has been made.

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It would be good to have you around as point person for the terra swarm but I can understand. At any rate I don’t have any further feedback. Okay for the quick updates charge on my end! Let’s see if theres any other comments over the next day or two and perhaps you could draft a final proposal to take the to the GIV Garden and get those funds!

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@Stonky any updates on the revision of this translation proposal?

hey there. No not really, as I mentioned before slashing me off I was waiting on some other people to say if I should or should not do that, I thought people were busy at EthDenver.

@karmaticacid as you helped push this forward, I would love to hear your opinion.

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