ETC Integration into Giveth

Giveth has successfully formed a grant partnership with Ethereum Classic!

The ETC Grants DAO has agreed to provide a grant for a whopping $50,000 USD for Giveth to integrate ETC into its donation platform, GIVeconomy and QF products.

If you’re not familiar with the history of Ethereum Classic you can find a brief explainer here:

Here’s a broad overview of what we have proposed to build as part of this grants partnership:

:one: Connect & Donate with ETC

Giveth users will be able to connect to the Dapp on the ETC chain, very similarly if not exactly like how users connect with Mainnet, Optimism or Gnosis…

Our donors will be able to donate the native ETC token as well as handful of the most common ERC20 tokens available on the ETC chain.

:two: Getting GIVbacks on ETC

After integrating basic donations we will also be tasked with allowing donors to verified projects who donated on ETC in GIVbacks eligible tokens to receive their GIVbacks on the ETC chain. This will involve bridging the GIV token to ETC and deploying parts of the GIVeconomy smart contract system onto ETC.

This part presents unique challenges since ETC does not have subgraph support so the exact scope of this milestone COULD change

:three: Creating ETC/GIV Liquidity

With the deployment of GIV on ETC we’ll need liquidity. No specific amount was mentioned in the agreement, it could range between $10-20k worth of ETC is my best guess.


We hope to begin work on this proposal in approximately 2 weeks from now with a final delivery in probably 3-4 months from start of project.

Leaving this open for comments, especially from @Griff & @JakeS since they are actively engaged with the ETC team and can let me know if I missed anything important from the scope of this proposal.