ETH Safari Giveth media partnership

Hello! @schetty and I are following up on a previous conversation had about a potential media partnership for ETH Safari

Would it be possible to set up a call sometime to discuss?

Thank you!

Hi @schetty and @Anna_organica, pleasure to virtually meet you both and thank you for your forum post. Do you remember who exactly you had the conversation with here at Giveth?

Either way, I’d love to hear more, please continue to explain here, as I think its the best outlet for the time being :slight_smile:


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Hi Jake!

Pleasure to meet you too.
Yes of course. I spoke to Pavle whom I know from hackathons/conferences and he directed me to Dani!

I sent her the following message to give context to our situation:

Let me give you a quick summary of my intention with Giveth.
So I am helping organize ETHSafari from the Netherlands. First ETH event in Africa and I was so impressed by the ETH BCN event that I really want to help them have a high quality event in a resourceful way from the get-go.

I think it’s a unique situation for blockchain presence in Africa. Many of the people who have even been involved with blockchain for years in Kenya have not had the opportunity to attend an ETH conference because of affordability, visa barriers etc. So I really want to help them to the best of my ability to have a great event that will ensure a great community driven by mission and values — namely regenerative values for blockchain — at this conference in Kenya and for their SafariDAO community.

So I love Giveth and everything they stand for! I know they have a big presence in LATAM and maybe there are long term plans for Giveth to also have a presence in the Global South. I’d like to write a proposal for the team at Giveth and see if there is any interest in collaboration from such early stages with us so we can maintain a strong regen value stance for the blockchain efforts in Kenya. Let me know what you think.

She said perhaps we can have some marketing affiliation to get the attention from the Regen community about this event. We would love to know what the team at Giveth can do to help spread the word about growing the defi/refi/regen movement in Kenya so we can have the community start off with the most aligned core values. :green_heart:

Thank you,
Naomi and Anna

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This is awesome!!

We have some project owners in your area and I have sent at least one of them your way!
I think that this event could be super useful for the owners of these projects… you can find their email addresses by clicking on the owner of the project:

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Thank you so much for this @WhyldWanderer ! I will definitely reach out :slight_smile:

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Hello again @Anna_organica
Are you or @schetty available to come to the Community Call this week to talk a bit about what you’re doing at EthSafari and explore ways that our Communities can work together?

We reserve the last 10-15 minutes of the call for opportunities just like this in our Community Spotlight.

I would love for the greater community to know about what you’re doing and to spread the word.
Maybe some of these project owners will be there and can ask any questions etc.

What do you think?
It will be on Thursday August 25th at 9am Costa Rica Time in our Discord Server.
Let me know if I can add you to the schedule!

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Definitely. I can be on the call. That will be 14h Central European time, correct?

Happy to join and thanks for including us! @WhyldWanderer

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I believe it would be 5pm (17:00) CET

I would be happy to send you a calendar invite! What email address should I send it to?
Feel free to email it to me or send it to me on discord if you dont want to post your email in this public forum.

Discord: WhyldWanderer#7002

The call will take place in our Discord server which you can join here:

I am already a part of the GivETH discord server :slight_smile: looking forward to the call!
My e-mail is

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