EthDen 2022 Griff Interview

Griff is interviewed at EthDen 2022 after one of his talks by The EthDenver 2022 Experience. Here are some of the notable points he made!

“Public goods are totally overlooked in this space. There is a huge opportunity to disrupt government and non-profit industries, which are just not working. And everyone knows they’re not working. We could do so much better with Web3 tools, regen economies, specifically. And there is no competition in the space, and every year we’re spending trillions on public goods.”

“I think it’s the biggest overlooked opportunity, and I don’t think it’ll be overlooked for long.”

“If we can actually solve this problem, if we can actually coordinate around public goods productions in efficient ways, we won’t need governments anymore. And I thought that was the point when I got into crypto. I thought it was to change the way we coordinate as a society to the point where we don’t need these inefficient things that we invented when we were riding horses around.”

“I fully expect that crypto will come back around and get out of this ‘Oh, number go up. We’re only trying to make money’ idea and come back to the idea of, ‘How can we create the most value for society?’”

“Business models work great. Fundraising through taxes and donations really suck. I think we can make major moves.”

“I love this idea of competing micro-economies to provide value for society. I feel like it’s really happening.”

“You don’t need to be a dev to actually provide value in this space. You can start connecting with people that your value is a positive sum game with them. Build something, learn something.”

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