Event Planning Template

So you want to host a Giveth event?
Have you thought about what you will need?

Your event may be more complex and require more details… That’s okay!
Please be as thorough as you can so that our team can be efficient in our collaboration. Be sure to add any key links that could be useful.

Here is a simple template for planning events.

Event Facilitator Name:
Short Bio?

Event Title:

Event Date/Time/Timezone:

Location or Platform:

Event Description:
This will be used for the Calendar invite. Please be sure to notify WhyldWanderer or Giantkin at least one week before, if possible, so that the event can be added to the calendar.

Communications Needed:
Please refer to this Communications Plan for guidance on scheduling shills. Make sure to share this forum post in the #communications channel with plenty of time before your event. *Recommended 2 weeks

[ ] - Tweet or Tweet Thread
[ ] - Facebook Post (optional)
[ ] - LinkedIn Post
[ ] - Newsletter Blurb
[ ] - Email
To who?:
[ ] - Blog Post (Medium)
[ ] - Announcements Channel in Discord

Draft for Social Media or Discord:
Please write a brief shill message for your event. Something short and catchy… twitter is only 280 characters whereas fb and Discord are more flexible. If you don’t feel confident in writing the post, provide some bullet points so that the Comms Team can construct something for you. *Include links

Event Roles:
What roles do you need? And who will fill them?

Here are some ideas:

  • Coordinators
  • Call/event moderator (maybe 2)
  • Notetaker
  • Quiet moderator on the chats
  • Hype-people/supporters
  • Livestreamer/recorder

After the Event:
Hosting events is fun and engaging for the community! How can we use the value that we create with this event to bring value to other parts of Giveth?

Here are some ideas:

  • Video posted to YouTube
  • A published recap or notes
  • Maybe the recording can be turned into an educational video
  • A blog post can be written about a strategy session hosted by Giveth
  • Audio recording could be turned into a podcast
  • “In case you missed it” post for social media

This is great info @WhyldWanderer thank you!

Here is a diagram and template that can be used to complete a Communications Plan for your event or launch.

You can copy this mural board and create a plan specific to your needs before sharing it with the Comms team to execute on action items and content planning. Please keep in mind that this Communications Plan should be completed and shared with the Comms Stars at least 1.5 weeks before your event or launch.

Find the board and make a copy here: MURAL