Forum Guidelines and Code of Conduct

Rules of Engagement

→ 1. In the interest of fostering an open and welcoming environment, we ask that you be respectful of each other’s thoughts and opinions. We will not tolerate any insults, racism, harassment or threats of violence against members, even as a joke.

→ 2. This is a community space free from advertising. Do not post unsolicited referral links, or discord invitations unless specifically asked for by another user.

→ 3. Please only chat or post a comment if you are adding value to the conversation. No excessive or repetitive use of one-word comments allowed.

→ 4. Do not post any NSFW content and limit the use of offensive language across all channels and nicknames.

→ 5. Never share API or secret keys, whether they are free or worthless. Those are for your use and your use only.

→ 6. No user should ever ask you to send them money, especially not members of the moderation team. Please contact any available @admins immediately if that happens to you.

→ 7. It is an offense to impersonate members of the moderation team. Anyone caught doing this will be instantly banned and reported.

→ 8. This is a public platform. Treat it as such. Do not discuss any inappropriate, illicit or illegal activities.

→ 9. As you can see, this forum is organized by topics. Please keep discussion in their respective threads or one of the moderators will assign it to the proper one for you. We want to keep discussion organized and clean, so please keep things relevant and help us encourage productive focused discussion.

Attributions: These Rules of Engagement were adapted from Shapeshift’s Rules of Engagement on October 4, 2021

The full code of conduct can be found in our documentation here.

Welcome to Giveth :gift_heart:


I see this is Forum Guidelines - Seems it can refer to use of any of our online forums including Discourse, Discord, Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

Will we post this in the Docs along with the Code of Conduct and state that it applies to all public forums within the Giveth Community? A link to it on the page would be wise as well.

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@WhyldWanderer is going to pin it to our discord as well and when new people come in they have to acknowledge that they read and agree. The full Code of Conduct is a broader version of this and states that it applies to all project spaces & public spaces if the individual is representing Giveth.