FOX potential new Regen Farm

The purpose of this post is to confirm that if Shapeshift decides to create a new Regen Farm as it’s currently being decided on their governance process we would decide as a DAO to provide this service for them.

Regen Farms is a product created from our own need to mine liquidity that we offer to value-aligned DAOs to mine their own liquidity.

Key benefits:

  • Diversify our treasury.
  • Bring more donations to the matching funds.
  • Strengthen partnerships.
  • Brin traffic to

We have built a great relationship with ShapeShift including The first Regen Farm & a token swap.

Hence, I consider there is on one side a benefit to Giveth and on the other trust on ShapeShift to continue partnering on future endeavors.

The farm details:
Currently the option that is being discussed is a 750,000 FOX reward program for a FOX/XDAI farm on Gnosis Chain to substitute the current FOX/HNY farm whose reward program will end on October, 2nd. As for any other farm the reciprocity for the farm would be
$5k USD worth of FOX + 2% half of it would go to donation.eth & the other half to our liquidity multisig

DAO Governance Process
The proposal has already passed and incubation process and the first part of the ideation process. It is currently being voted on Snapshot but still as ideation. Should the proposal receive support, we will create a new binding vote including the transaction for the rewards and the reciprocity fees.

Are you in favor to create a new FOX Regen Farm, if they decide to proceed?

  • In favor
  • Against
  • Other, I will add my comments

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