Funding Proposal - User Interview rewards for participants

Proposal description:
This is a proposal to fund the rewards for Giveth user interview participants who provided input and feedback to help improve the overall user experience and interaction on the platform, especially on how Giveth users interact with product features, what they feel works well, where they think there are issues, and how they think things could be improved.

Proposal Rationale
The proposed user interview rewards aims to cover the rewards and incentives promised interview participants. Interview sessions take time and the feedbacks gotten from participants are insightful and valuable enough to improving overall user experience on Giveth to warrant compensation. This will also ensure that participants are rewarded for their time and also incentivized enough to participate when further research is needed.

Team Information

The Design team who are going to be involved in the user interview process and will directly benefit gotten from each session.
Marko, Mo, Tosin, Rodrigo.

Funding Information

Pay each participant after an interview session.
If you have other suggestions/ideas, please feel free to add your comments

Amount of GIV requested : Up to 500 GIV
Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred: 0xc8d65e1bd67f16522e3117b980e1c9d2caeb9dc3 (General Magic wallet address).
More detailed description of how funds will be handled and used:
50 GIV will be sent to each participant of the interview session. We have ten projected participants for this session.[poll type=regular results=always chartType=bar]

  • Yes,Lets do this.
  • No, Bad Idea!

Thanks for doing this: it will be really interesting.
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