Future of Giving Demo

Proposal description:

Let’s make a Giveth simulator that shows anyone how the Future of Giving is already here on Giveth, by experiencing everything you can do on the platform in about 5 min in a fun, engaging and interactive way.

Proposal Rationale


When donors, impact investors or impact makers come across Giveth is hard to grasp all the benefits & functionalities in an engaging and easy way.

We are building more features of the future of giving. Yet, we are still missing a large user base of donors, impact investors and impact makers, to give us quick feedback to test our hypothesis and improve the solutions we are building.

Recently, we made a demo of the Giveth.io platform to the World Food Program and the Global Blockchain Business Council. It went good. However, even this kind of Demo could be smoother with a quick interactive intro to everything you can do on the platform before diving deeper.


To engage new stakeholders we need to reduce friction and make the benefits and the platform easier to understand.

Our youtube videos are helping a lot with this. However, it’s still 10+ minutes of content per specific product/feature and not interactive. Plus showing a video in live demos is a bit awkward.

Introducing the Future of Giving Demo. (Slides showing how it could look like)

This DEMO is inspired by Mateo and other Giveth members’ feedback on the Giveth Donors Onboarding tool with the objective of showing, in an easy and fun way, what you can do on the platform while minimizing user’s effort to understand the platform and the dev/design resources to develop this tool.


  • 5-minute interactive experience to understand Giveth’s key features.
  • Tool to DEMO Giveth to potential investors, donors, partners and impact makers both live and async.
  • Minimized development & design. The DEMO would use all the modals and cards that are already created on figma, it would only need to store a couple of variables, design can be extremely simple (for example, using the background of the belated GIVdrop page)
  • This could be used to onboard relevant stakeholders at ETHDenver, FLII and other stakeholder events. IMO getting our foot on the doors with a few impact investors may we worth the dev work and efforts needed.


  • There are several competing needs that require dev and design work. Even minimized dev & design work would reduce resources from other important projects.
  • Design would block development, so design for this project would need to be fast-tracked to be ready for ETHDenver and the FLII.

Thanks for this proposal @Cotabe I’m quite sure it would bring great impact for potential investors.

I would say it’s possible to have it done for both Denver and FLII ONLY if design is able to be ready quite fast and it allows to reuse lots of our components, so 5 weeks of development after design should be enough. Would love some opinions, @msaeedi for design and @Cherik @ramramez for frontend.

What excites me the most particularly is being able to play around with different parameters and simulate future scenarios where a donation makes x type of impact

EDIT: I like the GIVsim name :smiley:


Hey @Cotabe I just request access to see the Demo. Do you mean we gonna build a web-based demo?

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It’s a nice thing to do, I’m just wondering if it’s actually needed to be developed! I’m doing a little research to see if we can make it happen only using Figma!
It can be just a simple prototype of Giveth to show the important features!


That’s a great idea @msaeedi I’m curious if figma is able to handle inputs and manage different views according to what’s sent because the most interesting part to me is showing the user different outcomes according to the parameters


Figma is not that smart, but I think we can find a solution! maybe we can give users different parameters instead of entering any parameter, then when they choose from those parameters they can see the outcomes!



Sorry about that @MoeNick , I just gave access to anyone with the link to comment on the slides. Yes, my intention is to have a web-based Demo.

@msaeedi Figma is a great idea, I think that having some fixed parameters is a great solution for a quick fix to be tested.

Then we can reassess if we want to take it further.

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I think is a GREAT idea! I consider is really important to show in a practical way, how our platform works, especially for non-crypto related people like our public in FLII… Talking about opening a Metamask, adding a chain, getting some funds, etc It’s really complicated in one session but this could be an opportunity to show the magic of Giveth in a short period of time. I hope our desing and dev team are able to have this ready before ETHDenver and FLII.

I know sounds weird but I think I still like GIVmulator


Thanks @mateodaza and @Cotabe ! I also agree that a simulator would be beneficial. I just want to voice my opposition to the gaming metaphor. I know that is widespread in the crypto space and seems fun (and even there I disagree with it overall), but imo it has deep negative connotations, particularly in relation to our user base, full of charitable projects that are dealing with very real, serious and often times sad subjects. To “game” something is to cheat it; to take away more value than you’ve put in. I really don’t think that is the message we want to promote. But, hey, just my two cents. I do think a simulator is a super great idea that will be really useful!


Hey @Cotabe, I was thinking of suggesting something like https://introjs.com/ for Giveth (which creates a lightweight product walkthrough for onboarding users that we can add to our site). Could that be a solution for this? It would make it more intuitive, plus they would be playing with our real platform (instead of just pics or graphics).


Thanks for all your comments @Suga @aabugosh @brichis

@Suga thanks for the support and I understand your concern about the gaming metaphor with regard to serious and sometimes sad topics. But I also think is a reality that making things fun and engaging incentivizes donations and taking action. Having said that… I would love to have you as a steward of misusing fun, games and similar words to prevent reactions that the one you did.

@aabugosh this looks very interesting, especially for the Giveth donation onboarder… here is the discussion around it and a presentation about it Onboarding FLII attendees to Giveth - #19 by Cotabe But @mateodaza made a great point. FLII attendees and other audiences might be not so web3-related or have so much time… so I think having a 5-minute demo to understand how it works has benefits on itself and I also think having a wizard that helps donors use the platform would be great for onboarding. I see it as 2 different tools/projects.


We could use this for Giveth.io especially GIVeconomy.

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Just added this to our Tokenlog (as " Interactive Product Walkthrough for New Users")

GM team, we have some updates.

@msaeedi made a first demo optimized for mobile to sign in with your wallet on the Giveth Dapp try it out https://app.maze.co/maze-preview/mazes/135076568

But in his opinion to have a nice functionality while showing the UX of donating, claiming GIVbacks and potentially using GIVpower. As well as, conducting research on our user journeys we would need to have the professional version which costs 99 USD/month

I believe it’s worth testing it for a few months, use it on the FLII, ETHDenver and conducting research on our UX. Then assess if we want to keep it for a longer time. But I would like to get signaling from the community, so poll time:

Should we get Maze professional subscription for three months to show our platform journeys on the FLII, ETH Denver and collect feedback on the UX of the platform:

  • Yes
  • No

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After the first 3 months we can reassess if we keep it for a longer period of time


Since this prototype is created for mobile, please check that on your mobile o have the right experience.

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“A problem repeatedly occurred” :sob:
(Trying on my phone.)

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What happened to this project? Was it delivered? did we even use it?

Hey @mitch

We have a working prototype Maze

Tomorrow I’m meeting with Mo at 10 am CST to improve the prototype & I will lead the coordination to get feedback from the user journeys.